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50 pounds lost! Now Adele reveals the real reason for her weight loss


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Adele wasn’t about losing weight at all

In 2020, Adele made headlines around the world for a single Instagram photo. In the snap taken in her garden on her birthday, the British singer presented herself to her followers extremely slim for the first time. There were more than 12 million likes and almost a quarter of a million comments. And that was just the beginning, because since then the pounds have continued to tumble. Adele is said to have lost 50 kilos in the meantime. In the November issue of British and American Vogue she now explains for the first time the not at all nice reason for her blatant weight loss.

Adele’s training program sounds tough

“It was because of my fears,” Adele admits in the “Vogue” interview with which she admits announces a brilliant musical comeback after a six-year break. “It was never about losing weight, it was always about getting strong and giving myself as much time off my phone as possible every day.” Instead, she started exercising and became “downright addicted to it”. It was intentional, as the singer, who is said to have lost 110 pounds, admits: “I had to get addicted to something to get my mind under control. It could have been knitting, but it wasn’t.”

Her exercise regimen sounds tough, but it has helped her: “I exercise two or three times a day. When I exercise, I just feel better. In the morning I lift weights, in the afternoon I usually go hiking or boxing, and in the evening I do cardio training .” Adele is supported by personal trainers. A luxury, as she herself admits: “It’s not feasible for many people.”

Checking out raw food nutrition

“I did it for myself and for no one else”

That her weight loss caused so much excitementcan understand her, but she is also slightly annoyed, as she says in “Vogue”: “People are shocked because I haven’t shared my ‘journey’ with them. They’re just used to celebrities documenting something like that on Instagram.” She is well aware that many of her celebrity colleagues in the same situation would probably have made a big deal with a diet brand. Not so Adele: “It was totally for me no matter. I did it for me and no one else, so why should I ever share it? It’s my body.” (csp)

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