Before “Temptation Island”: Abdu reveals weight loss

Abdu Karakuyu looked different before. The tattoo artist and his girlfriend Jessi Accit participate in the current season of Temptation Island part. There they test whether their relationship countless temptations can withstand. Part of these seductions are numerous group dates. Because one of those dates in water took place, the spectators could Abdus | look at slim body. celebrity flash however, he admits: Even before the show, Abdu dropped a number of pounds!

“I was very dissatisfied with myself at the time because of my weight and I didn’t feel good,” he said in an exclusive interview celebrity flash preis. To counteract his frustration, he tackled it one day and lost a whopping 54 kilograms! The rapper is also very proud of that.

How did he do it? celebrity flash betrayed Abdu: “In the beginning I did it through diet and some exercise. But at some point I realized that I could do it without exercise and changed my diet completely.” Current pictures on the internet show that this project worked wonderfully and seems to continue to do so.

Jessi Accit and Abdu Karakuyu, “Temptation Island” contestants 2022
Abdu, “Temptation Island” Candidate 2022
Abdu, “Temptation Island” Candidate 2022

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