Biggest Loser: Crazy transformation – Benni with mega weight loss

“The Biggest Loser” candidate Benni, here at the grand finale on Sunday (April 10, 2022), is no longer recognizable.

“The Biggest Loser” contestant Benni was just unlucky in love before his mega weight loss. Now the man from Cologne really wants to take off.

What an amazing performance! Benni (32) started the Sat.1 show “The Biggest Loser” with plenty of luggage. The man from Cologne weighed in at a whopping 137 kilograms. A normal life was out of the question. Even with the great love it just didn’t work out.

The 32-year-old worked week after week in the challenges. Jumped over his shadow and defeated the infamous inner bastard. That ultimately brought him to the grand finale of the Sat.1 show. When the man from Cologne strutted onto the stage last Sunday (April 10, 2022), the spectators couldn’t believe their eyes. Benni was unrecognizable…

“Biggest Loser”: Benni couldn’t find a partner because of his weight

Benni’s final step on the scale showed that hard work always pays off. The Rhinelander lost 39.42 percent of his body weight (51 kilograms). Of the original 137 kilograms, 82.9 kilograms remained.

Left: Benni with 137 kilograms.  Right: Benni with 82.9 kilograms.

Left: Benni with 137 kilograms. Right: Benni with 82.9 kilograms.

Before his crazy weight loss, the homosexual “The Biggest Loser” candidate had been single for a long time. In the world of dating apps, he just wasn’t making the impression he wanted to make. Flat stomachs, toned arms, perfect bodies were everywhere.

He just didn’t feel like he belonged, “because I wasn’t happy with my stomach and my fat face. Especially when dating, I thought that everything would be different if I were thinner,” Benni explained in “Bild“-Interview.

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“Biggest Loser” – Benni: “I’m happy to present new body”

Now, after the show, Benni does sport five times a week and pays attention to his diet. Of the Kölnhe just goes through life more carefree.

“I’m happy to present my new body and to see how flirting feels like as a new Benni,” said the man from Cologne, who, however, wants to listen to his heart when looking for a partner – and not to his eyes!

“I was a lovely person before and I still am now. Height, weight or other external characteristics play a subordinate role with my partner,” Benni continues. (cw)

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