Can you eat away osteoarthritis? Foods that prevent joint problems in old age

Natural inflammation killers: Eating to combat arthrosis: These foods prevent joint problems in old age

Our diet has an enormous influence on our well-being, our fitness and our health like hardly anything else. Even diseases that are already on the way can be forestalled with the right foods. Which diet reverses the insidious process of osteoarthritis in the joints.

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love Readers, at the start of my column we turned our butts together, drew imaginary pictures on the wall and proved ourselves to be superwoman and superman to strengthen our backs. If you die simple deep stabilization exercises have anchored in your everyday life since then, then your muscles should be happy and thank you with more stability.

Today we’ll have a second helping and it’s about the nitty-gritty: In addition to my work as a sports doctor with a focus on non-surgical orthopedics, I’d be happy to take a look at your plate. Don’t worry, of course only if you invite me to do so. As a nutritionist, I take a close look at your eating habits, because: Hardly anything has such a major impact on our well-being, our health and fitness as our diet. In the positive as in the negative. After all, we deal with her several times a day, and rightly so.

About the expert

Meike Diessner is the founder of the Practice for integrative orthopedics in Bochum and specializes in conservative therapy methods. As a sports and nutritionist, the topic of healthy eating is particularly important to her. More information can be found on their website or hers Instagram-Kanal.

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Belly fat produces pro-inflammatory messengers

If you provide your body with good building materials, you will create a robust shell including a beautiful facade. If the input is inferior, our body will not be enthusiastic either. Here the plaster is peeling off the wall (our skin goes crazy and wrinkles), there the statics falter (protective posture due to pain) and too much superfluous mass puts a lot of pressure on the body, joints and sometimes on the soul.

While we are annoyed about being overweight, the insidious belly fat also produces pro-inflammatory messenger substances that spread quietly and secretly in our body like small nests of embers. We call it “Chronic Inflammation”. The treacherous thing: We don’t notice the small sparks at first, so they can spread further unnoticed. And not only when a few kilos too much check our statics.

What you should avoid

If too many fire accelerants come together (belly fat, chronic stress, industrial nutrition), the flames spread wildly and spread to more and more regions of our bodies. It shows not only pain, but also a whole bundle of diseases (arthrosis, Arthritis, depressive mood disorders, metabolic diseases or even cancer).

Now we’re paying attention. But even then, with all the smoke, we don’t see the many fires directly. So what can we do so that the blazing flames don’t completely ignite our body? Unfortunately, it’s going to be uncomfortable for a moment: In general, I would urgently advise you to let the pig out – albeit from your diet.

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Pork in particular, but also other animal foods such as dairy products, really fuel chronic inflammation in our joints. Then arthrosis approaching and our cartilage literally bends to its knees. If you often drink too much and can’t keep your hands off cigarettes, you’re pouring even more fuel on the fire.

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Foods that make you healthy

But don’t worry: You don’t have to abstain from everything in an absolute way, you simply have to reduce consumption. And: The creeping…

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