Chris Bumstead after Corona with extreme weight loss?!

Of the Mr. Olympia 2021 was already a few months ago. While some professionals officially said goodbye to the well-deserved offseason after the end of the event, others tried to take a few more competitions with them in order to qualify for next year.

Chris Bumstead, three-time Olympic Champion in Classic Physiqueof course no longer has to worry about being able to stand on the big stage again this year thanks to his victory.

Chris Bumstead is taking a break

But the start of the offseason went well with “Cbum” not necessarily according to plan. Why, why, why, he recently explained in a YouTube video.

Things have calmed down a bit for the 26-year-old in recent weeks. According to his own statements, he wanted to take a short break, to give both his body and his mind some rest.

Above all, the professional bodybuilder needed the mental break because he was always preparing for a competition puts a lot of pressure on and becomes obsessed with achieving his goal, explained Bumstead on YouTube.

For this reason, the native Canadian hardly exercised and lost some weight and muscles. Chris Bumstead just wanted to wait for the time when he wanted to start training again instead of feeling the need to visit the gym.

Image: Chris Bumstead at the gym
Meanwhile, Chris Bumstead has started training again.

Training break in combination with COVID-19

Unfortunately, he also got together with his girlfriend Courtney King right around Christmas time COVID-19 infected. The good thing, however, was that they were fine again within 24 hours.

A short time later, however, the three-time Olympic winner in the Classic Physique class once again had to struggle with an illness, I don’t know if it was Corona or something else. As a result, his immune system is still a bit weak to this day, according to Chris.

How vitamin D overdose is harmful

During this time “Cbum” no training for another two weeks and even ate nothing for a few days. The reason for this was fever and the loss of his sense of taste, which according to his own statements only occurred after the illness.

During this time he has therefore about another three to five kilos in weight lost. He stated currently approximately 107 Kilogramm to weigh in, meaning he’s full compared to his regular offseason weight 13 pounds less put on the scales. The professional bodybuilder said it was probably all about muscle mass.

What’s next for Chris Bumstead?

Slowly but surely, the bodybuilder from Canada is returning to his normal routine back and promised to be more active on YouTube again.

He also indicated that he wanted to convey the following with his update: When you have the feeling that you have achieved what you wanted and therefore you near burnout one should independently make the decision to take a step back instead of waiting for the moment when you make your body do it.

In order to motivate his followers as well, he will start one in the coming weeks Eight-week transformational competition on his website.

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