Düsseldorf’s boxer has a promoter for the first time in his career. He also starts after losing weight at middleweight.

Timo Rost is breaking new ground

Timo Rost is Düsseldorf’s best boxer. The 30-year-old made it to the top on his own. Now he has a promoter for the first time in his career. He also starts after losing weight at middleweight.

On the way up, Timo Rost consistently chose the path of independence and freedom. Düsseldorf’s currently most successful boxer found his way into the ranks of the best fighters on his own. Only his manager Eva Dzepina was at his side. The 30-year-old was practically alone with that, no other boxer in his class has a comparable concept. This has earned him a lot of admiration for his stamina in recent years. Because he defied all difficulties and made it into the national top. But now the native of Gerresheimer has left his path and is looking for a promoter. He signed with Subjects Sports Management in Karlsruhe – to the chagrin of some fans, who also admired their idol because of his individual path.

But Rost saw his way through to the end. “There’s really no other way,” he said. “In order to remain competitive, I have to position myself more professionally. For four and a half years I did everything independently with full conviction.” It was extremely exhausting, he always stood behind it. But now the time had come when he had to make a decision. “I had no choice: if I want to continue on my path, I have to do it. I’m so high now that I can no longer do it alone.” Rost emphasizes that he is “very happy” to have signed with Fach. His manager Eva Dzepina will remain on board.

He has already fought the first fight for the fans team – and did not get beyond a draw. As part of the fight night at the Home of Champions in Eggenstein near Karlsruhe, the Düsseldorfer competed against the Frenchman Victor Garcia.

Fans were left perplexed by the new promoter-led debut fight, as Rost fought it in the middleweight division—rather than super middleweight, his usual division. The supporters puzzled over the cause of the weight loss. “The reason is quite banal,” says Rost. As a result of an Achilles tendon injury, he was barely able to walk. “It was a tedious and long process until I was really mobile again. As a convalescent, I had the feeling that it would be easier for me to get back on my feet if I weighed less.” So he changed his eating habits to become lighter. “That was really good for me.” Over a period of just under a month, he reached a weight of just 76 kilograms – instead of the usual 85. Rost dispels any suspicion that he was unable to defeat the Frenchman due to physical defects. “Those were purely tactical mistakes,” he says. He felt great.

In the fight in front of just under 200 invited guests in the Karlsruhe gym, he was clearly superior to his opponent in terms of strength, but it was only enough for a draw. “Normally I have to win the middleweight fight clearly because of my height and punching advantages, of course,” he says. “That is also my claim. But even though I was in really good shape physically, I couldn’t get my tactics through.”

It shouldn’t stop at the first attempt. Rost also wants to continue competing at middleweight. “I was dieting after the fight against the French,” he says. In the past, after the fights, he immediately gained six, seven or eight kilos in body weight within a few days. Now he has maintained his weight and wants to start another attempt in the new weight class. And preferably in front of their own audience again soon. “It…

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