Fake fasting: Fasting with food is so good

Mock fasting is, so to speak, the little brother of conventional therapeutic fasting, because with the mock fasting method you can eat small portions. I tested how it works and what it brings in a self-experiment.

mock fasting – I encounter this topic on every corner at the moment. And when I recently Barbara Becker When I heard people enthusiastically talk about it on a talk show, it was clear to me: I definitely want to try it out. But before I speak of my experience with the five-day cure report, here is a brief overview of what false fasting actually is:

False Fasting – What is it?

Even if everyone is just now talking about it: Fake fasting is not new, it has been around for a long time. It is about a five-day fasting-mimicking nutritional program and is based on 20 years of research by the biologist and age researcher Prof. Valter Longo. The purpose of sham fasting is to put the body into fasting mode, even though you eat – albeit reduced. The big advantage: Most people find it easier to keep up the fast for a while if they can at least eat a little bit. “Due to the limited period of time and the food, mock fasting can also be climbed by “diet grouches”, like me nutritionist Nicole Staabs explained that I asked about mock fasting. And: “Even 5 days without food such as cow’s milk, table sugar and simple carbohydrates lead to weight loss, better digestion and thus a better body feeling. This increases the motivation to eat better in the future and is often carried over into everyday life .”

What can be eaten while fasting?

Anyone who appears to be fasting is only allowed low in calories, low in protein and low in carbohydrates eat. In short: only small quantities low-carb vegetables and vegetable fats in the form of oils and nuts can be eaten. On day 1, only 1,000 to 1,100 calories, a maximum of 50 g carbohydrates and a maximum of 25 g protein may be consumed. From day 2 even only 725 to 800 calories, 50 g carbohydrates and a maximum of 17 g protein.

While Valter Longo provides fasting people with quite expensive ready meal boxes in his specially created ProLon diet, Barbara Becker has together with Nutrition expert Franca Mangiameli delicious recipes specially developed for false fasting.

What happens to the body when fasting?

Since the body or the cells do not recognize this combination as food, they switch to the Fastenstoffwechel. This means that the cells use fatty acids and the ketone bodies formed from them for energy production and not sugar as usual. This process is called Ketosis and has some positive effects on the body and cells:

  • fat lossespecially in the abdominal area
  • Recycling cells that are no longer functional and cell components. The body is tidied up and old building blocks are made into new ones that are important for vital processes
  • activation of stem cells: The rejuvenation potential of the stem cells is retained for as long as possible – our body becomes younger and healthier
  • resistance to stress is strengthened

Fake Fasting – My Experience


As a guide for my fake fasting experience, the book “Five Days Only” by Barbara Becker. I just liked the idea of ​​being able to prepare small, tasty meals for myself. In addition, you are accompanied through the fasting days with helpful tips and information.

Before the start of the fasting days, I chose three meals for each day from the recipe appendix in the book and bought them for them. By shopping before the cure, I wanted to avoid having to run through the supermarket hungry in between.

You are allowed to have two main meals per day – whether in the morning, at noon or in the evening – as well as a small snack. I plan to eat my main meals at noon and in the evening and plan a snack in between. I’m usually not hungry in the morning.

Day 1 – Here we go

After I didn’t just eat a light snack the night before, as recommended by Barbara Becker and Franca Mangiameli, but instead ate lasagna with my family, I started the first day of fasting with a big question mark over my head. If…

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