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Is the bed totally sweaty? Then there might be an infection behind it. © stetsik/Panthermedia

In midsummer it doesn’t cool down at night either. We sweat. But if it happens all night and all of a sudden, it can be a health problem.

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The temperatures are rising, one heat wave after the other rolls over Germany. Even at night it doesn’t cool down noticeably in many places. As a result, many people cannot sleep well. Since it is too warm in the bedroom, they roll over from side to side in bed. In addition, some sweat so much that they have to change and wash their pajamas or even their bed linen almost every day.

Sweating while sleeping: Five causes that indicate that you need to see a doctor

But to stay healthy, you need a good night’s sleep. This is the only way for the body to have enough time to regenerate. Otherwise you feel exhausted in the morning, have trouble concentrating during the day and are not productive. However, if the night sweats are persistent, come on suddenly and/or for no apparent reason, there could be a health problem behind them. You should have the following five reasons better checked by a doctor:

Night sweats: 1. Hormonal problems

When the hormones in the body go haywire, it also affects our metabolism and thermoregulation. This means that if hormonal imbalances are present, it can also affect sweat production. The sebaceous glands therefore produce more sweat than usual and like to do so at night when you are resting. These night sweats are completely natural in women going through the menopause. But if this is not the case, there may also be a problem with the thyroid gland. After all, your hormones are involved in numerous processes in the body. If it forms too much of it, symptoms such as night sweats, weight loss and nervous conditions occur.

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Night sweats: 2nd medication intake

Many medications have side effects. These are noted for the consumer on the package insert. However, if you suffer from night sweats for a long time, you should check your medicine cabinet more closely. Especially when you start a new drug, it can trigger night sweats, which is why you should also evaluate it first. Please do not simply stop taking it, but discuss how to proceed with your doctor.

Night Sweats: 3. Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Those who suffer from psychological problems often find little rest at night. If you do manage to fall asleep, it can happen that you wake up drenched in sweat. One reason for this is that the subconscious continues to work during the rest hours and a possible anxiety disorder becomes noticeable through a variety of symptoms, such as panic attacks. But financial worries, private problems or separations can also be reasons for anxiety and night sweats.

Night sweats: 4. Sleep apnea

Anyone who has breathing pauses at night while sleeping should also be checked out by a doctor. Finally, a so-called obstructive sleep apnea can be behind it. This is when you have more than about ten breathing pauses per hour. Finally, an undersupply of the organism with oxygen can occur, depending on the frequency and duration. As a result of this breathing disorder, a stress response is triggered in the body, resulting in night sweats.

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Night sweats: 5. Infections

Anyone who has a cold has all kinds of symptoms. As a result, some suffer from hot flashes that also last at night. In the case of influenza infections, there is also a fever, which leads to a rise in temperature. This means that you sweat more even when you sleep. After all, the body is in top form and fighting the viruses in the body.

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