How hoarseness saved a woman from a ruptured aorta

A woman is always plagued by hoarseness, especially when under stress and when exercising. A team of doctors finds the reason – and saves her from the worst.

Professor Dr. Jörg Latus

The woman’s family doctor had noticed high blood pressure. He gave her an antihypertensive drug. Nevertheless, she measured peak values ​​of 210 to 160 at home – 120 to 80 is normal. That’s why the doctor sent the mid-fifties to us. She said she’s had an occasional hoarse throat for some time, especially when she’s exercising or stressed. Usually, harmless colds, sore throats or voice strain are responsible for a hoarse voice. In up to a third of cases, doctors can’t find a cause for hoarseness. However, if there are signs such as enlarged lymph nodes, inexplicable weight loss or coughing up blood, a malignant tumor may be behind it.

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