Incredible transformation! Christian lost 81 kg

Chris did it! He once weighed 180 kilograms, now Christian is down to 99 kilograms. And he’s as fit as a fiddle: Christian now even runs marathons. Its incredible transformation motivates other people to lose weight.

From moppel to marathon runner! On “Instagram” Christian calls himself the “fattest person in the world”. Even if he means it ironically, the fact is: in 2015 Christian weighed a whopping 180 kilograms. Then he pulled the rip cord. Christian decides to lose weight. 81 kilograms lighter, Christian now successfully runs many marathons. On the way to normal weight, however, Christian has to overcome a number of hurdles and keep motivating himself. FITBOOK tells Christian how he managed the incredible transformation.

Before the transformation, Christian struggled with being overweight

Christian has been chubby since he was a child. The baby fat remains, even as a teenager Christian is fat. As an adult, he then weighs 180 kilograms. Being very overweight is eroding his self-confidence, and it is also a health risk. In addition to joint problems, Christian struggles with severe back pain.

Problem: Even if you feel uneasy about being overweight and want to lose pounds, it’s not easy to get out of your ingrained routine. In other words: eating habits and movement patterns have to be changed – and that’s difficult for everyone. The key is motivation.

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Christian says: “I lost the first 75 kilograms between spring 2015 and summer 2016. This was followed by a phase of stagnation until spring 2020 and then a phase of weight gain to 125 kilograms until shortly before Christmas 2020. So I had gained 20 kilograms again. But I was able to free myself from this ‘hole’ and by spring 2021 not only lost the 20 kilograms from 2020, but even 25 kilograms. I had lost a total of 80 kilograms and reached the magic limit of less than 100 kilograms.”

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Exercise is the ah and oh of losing weight

Christian started the movement. At first he went for shorter walks, which he gradually extended to longer hikes. At the same time he built up his muscles. In addition to hiking, Christian regularly did strengthening exercises for his body at home. Arms, legs, but above all, Christian regularly strengthens his core. The push-ups, back and abdominal exercises give him strength and have an effect. After a short time, the pounds tumble, the back pain disappears. Success motivates, Christian wants more.

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And what more then followed! In 2016, Christian dared to run his first marathon over ten kilometers. He weighed 120 kilograms – at least 60 kilograms less than before. The strain is still tough, and Christian keeps his joints and back in check with physical training. A year later and several pounds lighter, he manages his first half marathon. In 2019 Christian runs his first big marathon.

Christian Sudoma is running
Movement, especially running, was the Ah and Oh of Christian’s transformationPhoto: Christian Sudoma

Christian’s new diet: Less sugar and more whole grains

Eating means one thing for Christian for many years: lots of sugary foods and drinks at irregular times. When he then changed his eating habits, he lost 50 kilograms. In the evenings, Christian doesn’t eat as much as he used to. He now eats a balanced diet and does it again and again Interval fasting. and Low Carb is hip: now there are more fruits and vegetables on his menu. And Christian has also replaced white flour in favor of whole grain products.

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What motivated Christian to transform

Christian: “The greatest motivation was my son. I just didn’t want my son to have a fat daddy to be ashamed of. During my journey to normal weight, a whole new and incredibly great attitude towards life also emerged. A way of life that I no longer want to give up. Ultimately, it’s not just a diet, but a complete change of life. Being fit isn’t a goal, it’s a way of life!”

The ups and downs are like a roller coaster ride

That’s clear: Anyone who reduces their weight so intensively has to reckon with many hurdles. Christian: “There were even a lot of downs, for example…

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