Like the diet according to Dr. Pape to help with weight loss

“Slim in your sleep” sounds like an unrealistic dream, and before you get your hopes up too high, we also want to point out that it’s totally exercise-free and healthier and balanced diet can’t work. It is possible to lose weight while you sleep, but of course under certain conditions. We’ll tell you what they are. How do you lose weight while you sleep?

How does losing weight while sleeping work?

Lose weight while you sleep – how does it work? First of all: Anyone who thinks they can lie lazily in bed all day and lose the pounds is terribly mistaken. Without sufficient exercise, this goal cannot be achieved. But then how to lose weight while sleeping and why is sleep important in weight loss? Well, as you know, sleep is used by the body to recover, i.e. to carry out regeneration processes and to heal itself. This works so well during the night’s sleep because the body doesn’t have to share its energy with other activities and processes and can concentrate fully on it. The fat reserves serve as a source of energy – fat burning, the healthy lymphatic drainage and even the tightening of the connective tissue – and thus also losing weight during sleep – are promoted.

Lose weight while you sleep with the Pape diet - separate carbohydrates and proteins

So you can lose weight while you sleep, even then, yourself without movement, fat is burned. Then you can snack with peace of mind the next day! No, because what the body has lost (including around 500 ml of water) it quickly gets back during the day. So you are not automatically in deficit and must not make additional sins if you want to lose weight overnight or benefit from energy consumption. So how do you get slim while you sleep? The so-called insulin diet should help.

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How can I lose weight while sleeping – reduce insulin levels

Lose weight while you sleep with three meals and no snacks for low insulin levels

The hormone insulin inhibits fat burning. For this reason, the insulin level should be cranked down in the evening to promote weight loss during sleep. The idea of ​​insulin food combining was mentioned by the physician Dr. Detlef Pape back in 2006 – the less insulin the body releases, the easier it is to burn fat while you sleep (or at another time of the day).

The right diet for better fat burning while sleeping

Lose weight while you sleep - Balanced nutrition with separate nutrients depending on the meal

So what are the best recipes for losing weight while you sleep or how can you stimulate fat burning? What can you eat in the evening to lose weight while you sleep? According to the expert, a particularly high insulin release occurs when carbohydrates and proteins are combined. It follows that it is best to consume them separately. It is advisable to eat carbohydrates in the morning (which give the body energy) while avoiding protein. Both can then be combined for lunch. You don’t have to separate anything. For dinner you do the opposite of the morning plan – you eat protein-rich foods, but ban carbohydrates from the menu.

Do not eat anything three to four hours before bedtime

What sounds like an easy task at first turns out to be a major challenge in practice. Separating the nutrients is not that easy in everyday life. In addition, you need to give your body enough time after meals to allow insulin levels to drop. In a nutshell, this means: don’t eat anything else for 5 hours between the 3 main meals – no muesli bars, no chocolate, no chips – nothing. However, if you dare and want to try it, nothing stands in the way except your own willpower.

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Pape diet: slim while you sleep with a 7-day plan

Eat carbohydrates for breakfast in the morning, but avoid proteins

If you want to lose weight while you sleep with the Pape diet, it helps to create a plan before the start of each week so that you are always prepared with the right meals. Take the time to create a menu for each main meal that follows the rules mentioned. For example, you could eat the following things in the morning, at noon and in the evening and combine them for any dish:

  • Carbohydrate breakfast: Bread, rolls, fruit, muesli, sweet jam and honey, but no animal protein sources that you are used to (eggs, sausage, milk and milk products such as yoghurt, quark or cheese). The milk for the muesli can be replaced with juice.

5 hour break (if you get hungry: calorie-free drinks, bouillon, up to five nuts, some low-fat cheese or natural yoghurt)

  • Midday consists of both nutrients as well as fats (mixed food): For example chicken with rice and vegetables; fish with pasta or salad; bread with sausage, cheese or egg; steak with potatoes; different stews.

Protein from meat, fish and dairy with vegetables for dinner, but no carbs

5 hour break (at…

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