Lose 10 kilos in 14 days with the Thonon diet – what’s the deal?

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, then you probably know how many different diets there are. Some promise great weight loss without much effort, in a short amount of time.

According to the Thonon Diet, it is possible to lose 10 kilos in 14 days. That sounds too good to be true. We explain to you how the diet works, whether the promise is realistic and whether the diet is better than other slimming cures.

What is the diet called Thonon?

The Thonon Diet is nothing more than a crash diet, the origins of which can be traced back to a hospital. The name derives from the French spa town of Thonon-les-Bains, which is located on Lake Geneva.

With a view to the course and the permitted foods, the cure is similar to the Max Planck diet. The inventors of the Thonon diet are of the opinion that it is enough to consume few calories and at the same time eat high in protein, with some fat allowed. These factors alone are the basis of the fastest and most successful diet, as the French doctors themselves say.

You only need to stick it out for two weeks – almost like the keto or Dukan diet. A phase of consolidation is then recommended in order to Jo-Jo effect to avoid. If it didn’t work the first time, then the second round follows.

This is how the Thonon diet works

With this diet you stick to two phases. The first phase is about losing weight: You can eat between 600 and 800 calories a day. This is followed by stabilization: 1200 to 1500 calories per day are now allowed.

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Phase one lasts no more than two weeks, this is a precaution to prevent nutrient deficiencies. While in phase two you can expect one week per pound lost. If you have really lost 10 kilos, the stabilization phase lasts 10 weeks. After that you can start all over again with this diet.

The protein-rich food is divided into three meals a day, with few carbohydrates. With this diet, you take a maximum of up to 20 grams per day. That’s not much, especially since a croissant for breakfast is 400 calories away. You get your energy from fat or protein. You have the choice between vegetable and animal proteins. Actually, it all sounds like the keto diet. An intriguing question arises: What’s on the table on the Thonon diet?

You can eat and drink that

Consuming between 600 and 800 calories a day is a significant adjustment for your body, and calorie counting begins now. In order to stick to the Thonon diet, it is helpful if you follow the diet plan that the inventors have worked out. Finally, it was calculated exactly on which foods the 600 calories are distributed daily.

If you do not eat meat, it is possible to replace these products with plant-based foods such as tofu. You are allowed to drink something, but there is only water and coffee or tea without sugar. The protein-rich diet is maintained in the stabilization phase, only small portions of wholemeal bread from the carbohydrate group are permitted.

The fact that three meals a day are allowed sounds good, but there’s a catch, because only black coffee and tea without milk and sugar are allowed for breakfast. Since the coffee only has four calories, even two cups are allowed. During the entire diet there is no sugar and only a little salt, because salty foods increase the risk of water retention. Drinking water is always good, there is no limit to that.

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At lunchtime you eat high protein. A soft-boiled egg has 155 calories, 100 grams of spinach has 23 calories, 100 grams of tomatoes have 21 calories, 100 grams of cucumber has 16 calories. There are 270 calories in 100 grams of beef steak and 75 calories in 100 grams of tofu. In the evening, a low-fat yoghurt with fruit is an option. Note that 100 grams of bananas have about 90 calories, while 100 grams of peaches only have 45 calories.

Don’t forget to drink on the Thonon diet

There’s no limit to water, even if you spice it up with lemon or mint. Nothing speaks against coffee and tea, sometimes it can be a Zero drink. The doctors at the French clinic who developed this diet recommend drinking up to four liters of water during the weight loss phase. It is advisable to drink a large glass of water before breakfast. Fruit juices and alcohol are forbidden because this diet does not contain any sugar.

Thonon Diet Plan for Seven Days


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