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Weight loss plan for returnees
DISCOUNT! The best weight loss program – ideal for returnees and without a gym

Finally lose weight successfully! With our combination of training and nutrition plan, weight loss is guaranteed. Download and easily train at home – now reduced!

Beer belly, corona kilos, dad bod or Christmas belly? What you call your extra pounds doesn’t matter. The reasons for your break from training are also unimportant. The only important thing now is that you get rid of them again – both from an aesthetic and a health point of view. Being overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduces life expectancy. In this respect, the question arises: Looking good and living to an old age or visiting the doctor in a staccato rhythm? The choice is yours and you can now set the course for a healthy future with an attractive body. The start has already been made, because you are reading this article especially for sports returnees, which is guaranteed to lead you to your goal. From May 9th to May 15th, 2022 you will receive this program as a training and nutrition plan of the week at a reduced price of only 14.90 euros instead of 19.90 euros. What are you waiting for? Get started!

Here you can download our bundle for losing weight for returnees directly:

why do I need an exercise and nutrition plan to lose weight?

Sure, a nutrition plan will help you lose weight if you follow it consistently. A training plan also contributes to your fat-away success. But only the combination of both plans ensures fast and, above all, reliable results – a kind of bacon-off guarantee. Both of these would also work overnight by immediately stopping eating and hitting the treadmill for hours. But we want to give you lasting success without the often-cited yo-yo effect. For this reason, both plans are designed for 8 weeks, during which you consciously move closer to your goal step by step.

What does our training schedule look like…

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