Mega weight loss: That’s what Reiner Calmund’s wife thinks about it

How is it? Sylvia Calmund actually to the strong weight loss of her husband? Reiner Calmund (73) lost half his body weight. A healthy diet, regular exercise and gastric bypass surgery helped the former football official lose weight 180 pounds to 90 pounds to reduce – especially before the medical intervention, his wife had fear at the time. Finds her slim and fit Calli Sylvia but today really good for it.

In an interview with Colorful the brunette looked back at her husband’s physical change. “I Got a Brand New Man”she revealed proudly. Reiner would be rushing around the house now, climbing stairs and playing with their daughter – all things he had never done before. Sometimes she wouldn’t recognize her Calli at first. “When I came into the dining room, I didn’t recognize him from the side: there used to be a mountain, a bulge. Now a man with narrow shoulders exercising on the treadmill,” gave Sylvia preis.

Also Reiner stressed that he was more than happy with his new figure. “I want to live a few more decades for my wife and children […] As a fat man, that would have been difficult to achieve”, he explained. After all, he wanted to see his children, grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren grow up.

Rainer Calmund and Sylvia at the Radio Rainbow Award 2013
Reiner and Sylvia Calmund in December 2020 in Hürth
Reiner Calmund, former football official

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