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Fat Comedy is now showing off his muscles on Instagram.
Fat Comedy is now showing off his muscles on Instagram. © Screenshots Instagram/fat.comedy

The TikTok star “Fat Comedy” became known after he publicly slapped Oliver Pocher, filmed it and put it online. The comedian is now showing a lot of changes on Instagram. He has lost a lot of weight and is showing his muscles.

Wuppertal – The comedian “Fat Comedy” became known to a large number of people for beating the man sitting in the audience during a boxing match Oliver Pocher hit in the face and uploaded a video of the slap on the net. The 22-year-old, whose real name is Omar, also gave himself his stage name because of his body weight. In the meantime, however, it should probably be called “Fit Comedy”.

From fat to fit comedy

In January 2022, “Fat Comedy” published a before and after picture of itself, which clearly shows how much weight the TikTok star had already lost. “Half a year ago I couldn’t tie my shoes, now I can play hide and seek without being found directly,” he proudly shared with his followers at the time. In October 2021, he also named the weight loss with numbers: “Almost 100 kilos gone,” it said. Meanwhile, Omar went one better.

His latest Instagram post, also a before and after comparison, shows “Fat Comedy” before he started losing weight and now. He poses and shows that he has also gained some muscles in the meantime. In his story he also shares several clips that show him doing boxing of all things.

“Just Getting Started”: Fat Comedy features weight loss with boxing workouts

“Fat Comedy” apparently wants to lose weight and build muscle, as the caption suggests. “I’m just getting started,” he writes. The social media star’s followers are ecstatic and celebrating Omar in the comments.

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Fat Comedy trains regularly in the boxing studio.  (photo collage)
Fat Comedy trains regularly in the boxing studio. (Photo collage) © Screenshots Instagram/fat.comedy

After the public slap in the face, Oliver Pocher sent “Fat Comedy” a criminal complaint, which he also showed via Instagram. The lawyer sent “Fat Comedy” to the psychologist, they talked about “pent-up emotions”.. Sources used: instagram.com/fat.comedy

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