Radical weight loss: from 137 kilos to 85 in eight months – Upper Franconia

He did not talk to a doctor about his slimming cure but to a nutritionist when he was invited to Freyung-Grafenau for a rehabilitation stay in February of this year. By then he had cycled a lot, walked a lot and lost 25 kilograms. He was advised not to eat any more fruit in the evening because of the fructose. He’s stuck to that since then.

How does he feel now after losing 120 pounds? “Perfect!” says Helmut Vierneusel. “Running is no longer difficult, even if it’s going uphill!” He’s also happy that he can keep up with his young footballers, he trains the U19s of JFG Hofheimer Land, with his 85 kg body weight.

His three daughters are also fully impressed by their father’s campaign. Luma, who works in a butcher’s shop, is often asked: What did your dad do? You don’t even recognize him anymore.” When asked if he would like to lose more weight, Helmut Vierneusel replies: “I’ve reached my goal and will maintain my current weight. In addition, this is constantly checked and also the blood pressure, which is currently completely fine. It is also important that I continue to abstain from alcohol, which I will persevere with. I’m also getting a racing bike now, which I will use to go to TV Königsberg’s away games, for example. I keep moving.”

Finally, a piece of advice from Helmut regarding weight reduction: “You don’t need any pills or a doctor for that. You need an iron will for that,” he says: “It all starts in the head. You have to be in control of yourself, otherwise you won’t reach your goal!”

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But there is a joking objection from a sporting direction to Helmut’s weight loss: Helmut mows the playing field of TV Königsberg with a ride-on mower. One could hear: “Since the Helmut is no longer so heavy, the mower no longer presses down so far. The grass is not as short as it used to be!”

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