Rebel Wilson is taken again

11.05.2022 – 22:29

After an intensive dating phase
Rebel Wilson is taken again

Rebel Wilson dated many times before her current relationship.

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Rebel Wilson dated many times before her current relationship.

Rebel Wilson has revealed in a podcast interview that she is in a “happy relationship”. A friend played Cupid.

Australian actress Rebel Wilson (42) is in a “happy relationship” as she is now on an episode of the podcast “U Up?” told. A friend introduced the two to each other. “He had known both of us for about five years and thought we would get along well – and we did,” revealed the “Pitch Perfect” star. It’s easier to get to know someone through someone you trust because you can “trust them to be who they say they are, which you don’t really know in apps.”

No Luck in the “Year of Love”

Wilson has had some experience with dating apps in the past, she continues. In 2019 it was time for her to go out and gain experience, so she called the “Year of Love” without further ado. “I really wanted a relationship. I think I dated about 50 people in that one year, but some of them were just for a date and then you’re like, ‘Oh, no,'” Wilson explains. But the meetings all really helped her to figure out “what I like and don’t like. It was fun and I don’t think anyone was hurt by it.”

In 2020, Wilson then focused on himself and again proclaimed the “Year of Health”. In January 2022, she shared the secret of her weight loss success in an interview for “Apple Fitness+”: The actress achieved her weight loss of around 35 kilos by simply running, among other things. In order to lose weight, she also drank a lot and avoided sugar.

In September 2020, Wilson made her relationship with billionaire and entrepreneur Jacob Busch (29) public, and in February 2021 their separation became known. In December 2021, there were rumors of love about her and tennis player Matt Reid (31).

The new Netflix comedy “Senior Year”, which stars Rebel Wilson, will be released on May 13, 2022.

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