Reiner Calmund today: Lost 90 kilos with stomach surgery

Reiner Calmund: Became known as an XXL manager at Bayer Leverkusen. In the meantime slimmed down thanks to stomach surgery. A welcome guest on many TV shows, a member of the jury on the popular cooking show “Grill den Henssler”.

Reiner Calmund and Alexandra Miebach sit across from each other and smile at the camera.

Reiner Calmund and reporter Alexandra Miebach.

How did it come about that you weighed so much? You were underweight as a kid...

Reiner Calmund: I've always liked to eat. My mother worked in a bakery and always brought all the goodies with her. But as a child I moved a lot, played soccer, so I burned everything. That later changed. I continued to eat a lot – but moved very little.

There are people who say you look worse now than you did with the pounds. What do you answer them?

Reiner Calmund: My wife said that at first too. I felt better from the start. My wife said that not only did I look worse, I was also in a worse mood. I never felt that way. But now everything is fine again. Says my wife too.

And how is your relationship with nutrition now? Did the OP change that?

Reiner Calmund: I used to like hearty food. That has changed quite subconsciously since the operation. I now like lighter food, eat a lot of vegetables and fish or salad. My taste has already changed.

2009 you are with Joey Kelly also ran at the Cologne Marathon. Would you do something like that again as “half Cali”?

Reiner Calmund: I would have no problem with that. It's easier now.

at "Grill the Henssler" if you sit on the jury, you will always be referred to as the "sweet tooth", especially when it comes to desserts. Do you really like sweets?

Reiner Calmund: I like to eat everything. I used to be a carnivorous plant, but that's changed. What I don't eat at all are offal and rabbits - I don't touch them.

Reiner "Calli" Calmund on favorite foods and Christian Rach

What is your absolute favorite food?

Reiner Calmund: I have to write a booklaughs).

You and Christian Rach don't always agree on "Grill den Henssler" when it comes to the rating of the dishes. Is it the same backstage? Do you also like to have a discussion with each other?

Reiner Calmund: We have a very good relationship. Christian was a big star chef and I accept that. He is absolutely brilliant at his job.

At the end of the year, the World Cup in Qatar is coming up. In 2015 you tried to present the positive aspects of the desert World Cup in EXPRESS...

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