Sports beginners: This is the effect after the first 4 weeks of training

In order to become physically fit and noticeably improve your general well-being, you don’t have to train for months. Positive effects can be seen with regular use fitness training already after four weeks. This was the result of a study as part of a doctoral thesis at the Technical University of Munich on behalf of the management consultancy Greinwalder & Partner.

After 4 weeks of training: less fat, better values

The proud result: After all, the two training sessions per week brought about a pound weight loss and a reduction in the bottom line body fat by one percentage point. The upper heart rate under stress fell by an average of six beats, while the resting heart rate and blood pressure values ​​also improved significantly.

All the measured values ​​show that all measured parameters can be significantly improved within a 4-week period. The effect of regular training on physical fitness, health and well-being is therefore just as clear as the success for everyone who lose weight want.

Only 8 training sessions are enough

These results were obtained by examining more than 2100 subjects in fitness facilities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The influence of four-week, regular fitness training was measured body fatbody weight, endurance performance, blood pressure and subjective well-being.

The test subjects had to complete at least 8 training units in the fitness club: cardiovascular training and strengthening of the most important muscle groups on machines. The average age of the test persons was 45 years (women 43 years, men 47 years). Of these, 16% were smokers (women 18%, men 14%).

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The endurance test was carried out on a bicycle ergometer with a resistance of 60 and 100 watts. The heart rate was measured before the test at rest, immediately after the 60 watt level and immediately after the 100 watt level. Subjective well-being was indicated by the participant using a scale (1 = extremely good, 10 = extremely bad).

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