That’s how hard Covid hit Tyler Lockett

Munich/Seattle – The Seattle Seahawks have had to deal with COVID infections several times in the past few weeks. According to head coach Pete Carroll, most of the affected professionals were asymptomatic or showed only mild symptoms.

But this was by no means the case for one. Wide receiver Tyler Lockett’s experiences were much more serious.

Speaking to US reporters, the passport recipient explained that he was struggling with a number of serious symptoms. “My throat hurt, I had chills, my chest hurt,” Lockett explained. “I was very, very anxious. My mind just wandered because I was probably thinking too much. I was throwing up and I just had no energy. I hardly ate anything. I think I lost about eight pounds.”

Lockett’s health problems

The fact that the receiver was back on the field last week was “a pretty big achievement for himself. I won’t say I had breathing problems, but I couldn’t really breathe from my chest like I wanted to.” .

The 29-year-old, who is double vaccinated but has yet to receive a booster shot, spent a week on the COVID list and missed the game against the Los Angeles Rams.

“It’s frustrating as an individual when you’ve dealt with the symptoms of COVID and seen how it was for you. You really don’t know how it’s affecting other people.”

Fantasy gamers as a problem

During his recovery, it was the fantasy gamers that became a problem for Lockett. “It sucked for me to see people saying, ‘Will Tyler play? Will Tyler play? I need him to help my fantasy team.’ It was like, well, I’m just trying to get through this.”

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He also stated that he had considered skipping the 2020 season completely due to the pandemic.

He caught three passes for 30 yards in the game against the Chicago Bears last week.

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