Tom Kaulitz lost 6 kilos with the “Master Cleanse” fasting cure

Alcohol, cigarettes, wild party nights: “Tokio Hotel” guitarist Tom Kaulitz knows from his own experience that a rock star’s life leaves physical marks. How good to have a supermodel wife who knows how to get her body back into shape. And Heidi’s fasting cure works!

Thanks to the “Master Cleanse Diet”, the 32-year-old reveals that he has lost a total of 6 kilos in the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”, which he records weekly with his twin brother Bill. His wife Heidi Klum has already detoxified her body with the juice cleanse. FITBOOK knows what’s behind the controversial Hollywood diet.

How does the Master Cleanse Diet work?

The focus of the “Master Cleanse” diet is not weight loss, but detoxification of the body. Solid food is avoided for 10 days. Instead, there is a drink made from lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. This should always be drunk when you feel hungry. The diet is therefore also known as lemon juice cure or lemon detox.1

Lemon juice has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, digestive, fat-dissolving and fat-degrading effects. Lemons also contain a lot of vitamin C and Potassium, which not only supports the function of nerves, heart and muscles, but also stimulates urine production. In this way, waste products and toxic substances should be flushed out of the body more easily.

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The sugar contained in maple syrup keeps circulation and metabolism in motion and supplies the body with a small amount of minerals. Capsaicin, a phytochemical found in cayenne pepper, promotes digestion, stimulates blood circulation and protects the liver from being overloaded by the released toxins.

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The “Master Cleanse Diet” is usually introduced by two relief days and one colon cleansing. According to his own statement, Tom Kaulitz did not do this during his fasting cure. After fasting, the body should get used to solid food again for three to four days through meals with easily digestible carbohydrates and protein.

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The “Master Cleanse Diet” was originally intended to heal stomach ulcers

The inventor of the diet is the naturopath Stanley Burroughs, who developed the radical nutritional concept in the 1940s to treat stomach ulcers. In 1976, the American published a book called The Master Cleanser, promoting the lemon juice cleanse not only as a cure for stomach upsets and other ailments, but also as a secret weapon for fast weight loss.

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To this day, the fasting cure, with which Tom Kaulitz starved himself down to 72 kilos, has convinced followers – especially in Hollywood. Tom’s wife Heidi Klum also swears by the sour juice cure. The reason for this may be the rapid weight loss that can be attributed to the extremely low calorie intake.

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How healthy is Tom Kaulitz’s fasting cure really?

One thing is certain: The “Master Cleanse Diet” is definitely not for the weak-willed! For example, not eating solid food can lead to cravings and binge eating. But the fasting cure with which Tom Kaulitz lost 6 kilos has other disadvantages. through the giving up coffee and other caffeinated beverages may cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches.

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Experts particularly criticize the one-sidedness of the lemon juice cure. This can lead to deficiency symptoms due to the lack of nutrients. A lack of protein from food also causes muscles to shrink. The body is also deprived of important vitamins and minerals that are essential for life. In addition, the citric acid and the sugar from the maple syrup cause the pH of the saliva to drop sharply, causing the enamel can be attacked.

Is detoxification useful and necessary?

A study published in 2015 examined the effectiveness of the lemon juice cleanse. For this purpose, 84 overweight women were divided into three groups…

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