Vegan diet supports weight loss

Vegan diet helps with weight loss

A vegan diet helps to reduce body weight in a healthy way. Vegans lose weight much more easily than meat eaters and even more easily than vegetarians – according to a scientific study by the University of South Carolina revealed.

dr Gabrielle Turner-McGrievy and her team conducted the study with overweight participants aged eighteen to sixty-five ( 1 ).

The subjects were randomly divided into five groups:

  1. The first group followed a vegan diet, meaning they eliminated all animal-based foods (meat, fish, seafood, milk and milk products, eggs, honey) from their diet.
  2. In the second group, participants did not eat meat or fish, but did eat dairy products and eggs. So they were vegetarian.
  3. The third group consisted of the pescetarians, who don’t eat meat but eat fish and seafood.
  4. The fourth group brought together the semi-vegetarians who eat meat only occasionally.
  5. The fifth group acted as a control group, these participants were “omnieaters”.

Vegan diet at the top

The participants stuck to their diet for half a year.

Both after two months and after the end of the study, it was the vegans who had lost the most weight. During the entire period, they lost an average of seven and a half kilograms.

In the other groups, the weight loss was just over three kilograms.

Vegan diet improves blood counts

But anyone who now thinks of the cliché of malnourished vegans is completely wrong. dr Gabrielle Turner-McGrievy and her colleagues also checked the blood values ​​of the participants and found:

Die vegan diet provides more nutrients than a diet that includes animal products. Those study participants who had eaten vegan had better levels of nutrients in their blood. At the same time, the blood lipid levels in vegans fell, which – especially when combined with obesity – can lead to negative health consequences, as is well known. Both risk factors could therefore be reduced by the vegan diet.

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Vegan diet for weight loss better than low carb

Contrary to many rumours, you can with the low carb diet The best way to lose weight was shown in a meta-analysis, in which the results of a total of 12 randomized and controlled nutritional studies were evaluated, that a vegan diet is better than any other form of nutrition lose weight can – even better than with low-carb diets.

The results of the meta-analysis were published in June 2015 Journal of General Internal Medicine published ( 2 ). The vegan diet turned out to be much more sensible than the Atkins diet, than diets that are supported by the American Diabetes Association (American Diabetes Association) are recommended and also considered more helpful than diets that include the US National Cholesterol Education Program (Cholesterol Lowering Program) advises.

With the vegan diet, the study participants managed to lose at least 2 kilograms more than with the other diets. Those who ate vegetarian (i.e. with dairy products and eggs) lost an average of 1.5 kilograms more than those who ate meat.

Benefits of the vegan diet

The vegan diet brings with it a whole range of other health benefits, as you can read about here: Benefits of the vegan diet

Vegan diet: what should be considered?

If you would also like to benefit from the health-promoting effects of vegan nutrition, you will find one here to get you started Collection of suitable recipes.

Please consider that the intestinal flora adapts to our diet. A sudden and drastic change in diet can therefore lead to slight digestive problems in the short term.

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You can prevent this by gradually changing your diet and possibly treating your intestines by taking a probiotic support nutritional supplements.

If you want to be vegan consistently and permanently, you should take a vitamin B12 supplement as a precaution.

The mind also has to get used to innovations. It can take up to three months for new habits to become so firmly established that they are actually viewed as habits – at best, habits that you have grown fond of.

* An exciting book: “China Study: The scientific rationale for a vegan diet” can be found here at this link.

Have fun with the vegan diet.

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