Weight loss: When you lose weight unintentionally in old age

Many older people can no longer manage large portions. By spreading more smaller meals throughout the day, you still ensure the necessary calorie intake.

It is important to consume enough protein, stresses Rainer Wirth. This prevents age-related muscle wasting. Meat, fish, eggs, cheese and milk contain protein, as do peas and lentils. The body also needs minerals and vitamins to maintain muscle – so you should consume lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, whole grain products and healthy oils such as olive or rapeseed oil.

So that the fun of eating is not lost and because, as is well known, the eye also eats, the dish should be arranged appetizingly on the plate – and not just carelessly piled up. For those who suffer from swallowing disorders, it is often advisable to take meals in pureed form. “A beautifully decorated porridge can also encourage you to eat with appetite,” says Matthias Banasch.

When regular food isn’t enough or doesn’t work, high-calorie supplements can be a solution. “These carbohydrate- and protein-rich calorie bombs are available as drinking packets in many flavors,” explains Banasch. “This can also be a good substitute for a main meal if necessary.”

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