Zero Training from Japan: Tone your body in just 5 minutes?

Zero Training
This trend workout from Japan is said to tighten the body in just 5 minutes

Woman exercising on a yoga mat |  Zero Training: The trend workout from Japan is said to tighten the body in just 5 minutes

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Lose weight and tone muscles in just five minutes with minimal effort? This is what “Zero Training” wants to achieve. Does the Japanese fitness trend keep what it promises?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), jogging or classic weight exercises in the gym – many methods promise to boost fat burning when you work out Lose weight to help and tighten the body contours. A Japanese fitness trainer has now developed a method that is said to have a similar effect with very little training effort – the so-called zero training.

Tomomi Ishimura lives in New York and founded the yoga studio “Body Tone” there. The fitness expert has also written a book called “The Zero Training Method”. The Japanese woman recommends this fitness method especially for beginners to get in shape. However, it is suitable for all training levels. Best of all, you can do the Zero Training in the comfort of your own home in just five minutes.

What exactly is zero training?

Zero Training is designed to help you lose weight, counteract muscle pain and muscles train and tighten with little effort. According to Tomomi Ishimura, it is largely due to poor posture and unhealthy habits that our bodies accumulate fat and sag over the years.

“When different parts of the body contract, they lose alignment with the zero position. Circulation and metabolism are affected, and you can gain weight, lose shape and other problems,” the trainer explains in an Instagram video, revealing that what the zero refers to in the name of their training method. It is about restoring the zero position, i.e. the ideal state of posture.

The five-minute Zero Training aims to counteract the problem with gentle breathing, stretching and muscle-activating exercises. Above all, the posture should be corrected and brought into the zero position so that the muscles can be tightened again.

This is how zero training works

It is best to do the exercises lying on the floor. To do this, lie comfortably on your back – preferably on a yoga mat and one or two pillows or cushions. Tomomi Ishimura shows how exactly zeroing looks like in this Instagram video:

Here she shows one of the exercises:

Tomomi Ishimura shows more exercises on her Instagram-Account.

Lose Weight With Minimal Effort – Does Zero Training Really Work?

Tomomi Ishimura claims you can lose up to three inches from your waist with Zero Training. But whether the restoration of this zero position is really suitable for fat loss and weight loss is questionable. Because every body is unique, and not every fitness method has the same effect on every person. Quite apart from the fact that other lifestyles, including diet, of course, also play a major role in our fitness.

But our health can definitely benefit holistically from better posture. Back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders can be relieved with such gentle stretching and muscle exercises, while the breathing exercises and mindful movements can restore balance between body and mind. This is how we get a better body feeling – regardless of weight.

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