15.12: How about football? Such is the daily life of a professional club

Thursday is kicker eSports day. Every week we bring you a hot topic on Twitch. This time, Patrick Baur and his guests take a look at the professional daily life of the club’s team.

kicker eSport Pro clubs: with Patrick Baur (2nd from right) and Marcel

kicker eSport Pro clubs: with Patrick Baur (2nd from right) and Marcel “Fitzo” Fitzek (2nd from left). This time the guests were Daniel Dietrich (left) and Loris Cernuta.
kicker eSports

Pro clubs are organized like real football clubs. Club management, team management, transfers, training… Over the years, FIFA has created a separate space. Our expert Patrick Baur takes a behind-the-scenes look at the club with three guests on kicker eSport’s stream about professional clubs.

“Basically, I’d like both club representatives to present what their day-to-day is like,” he announced. In addition to his partner Marcel “Fitz” Fitzek, he invited those responsible for SC Baden-Baden eSports and SV Fortuna Bottrop.

Baden-Baden is a team owned by Jens “Knossi” Knossalla and has been part of the Pro Club ecosystem since the fall. Daniel Dietrich will be a guest on our stream. He is the captain of the team and a member of the board of the club.

For his part, Loris Cernuta is responsible for eSports at SV Fortuna Bottrop. People from the Ruhr region are playing a club-supporting circus for the second year. The team is made up of real club footballers and players, some of whom have returned to the real pitch through the Pro Club.

Baur wants to know: “What’s the connection with real football? Do you train together on the pitch and then play virtual football?” This is far from all. All topics of importance to the clubs come to the table and are classified by the officials. So join in and learn something on Thursday from 19:30 on our Twitch channel.

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Of course, you can also participate in the stream: express your thoughts or ask questions!

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Union Berlin without eSports, the future of FIFA and the UFL with bugs

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