5 tips to protect your personal data online

Shop safely online: 5 tips to protect your personal data online

Online shopping is dangerous, thieves use sophisticated methods to get your data. If you follow these five tips when buying online, you will reduce the risk of falling into the traps of hackers. If you fall, you must act.

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Internet fraud techniques are constantly evolving. Since no physical card is required to shop online, it’s often easy for hackers to hack into the supposedly secure websites of providers and steal your personal data, such as your date of birth or address and even your account information. Thieves then sell them on the dark web and share them with others.

Fraud and online fraud

There are different ways: fraud and fraudulent transactions. The scam involves tricking a victim into voluntarily sending real-time payments to scammers, often pretending to be close contacts or friends of friends. People lose ten times more money than they do to online scams. The latter is data theft. But you are not helpless in the face of machinations. Neobank Revolut knows how to safely shop online without revealing your data to strangers.

5 tips to be more secure online

1. Do not open payment links that lead to websites outside the official platform

For example, when shopping online, cloaked links take you to a fake website via an external payment link that asks you to enter your details. Doing so will make it easy for scammers. Tip: If you hover over a link, you will see the target address of the link in the lower left corner of the browser. On mobile, just press and hold the link and a window will open with information about it. From here, you can see where you’re being taken: is it a legitimate web address or a fake site?

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2. Identify fake stores or fake emails. trading sites based on several characteristics

The first sign of a reliable online store is the lock symbol next to the web address (URL). This signals the security of the site with a digital certificate. The name HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is an indicator of reliability. Also, take a close look at the logo and compare it to the original if you’re not sure.

For your security when shopping, banks offer virtual single-use cards that are only used for one online transaction and then destroyed to prevent identity theft. The 3D Secure security protocol is also used to verify online transactions.

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3. Do not share confidential information by email. by post

Never send information such as passwords, PINs, bank details or credit card numbers to anyone else. In addition, a password that is as secure as possible must be used and changed from time to time, and a separate password must be selected for each user account. You should also regularly delete unused apps or online profiles. Multi-factor authentication is recommended to enhance account security. Two-factor authentication is mandatory for online purchases from 2022. beginning

4. Fraudulent email letters (phishing), text messages (smishing) or phone calls (vishing).

For example, a warning that there are problems with payment information, account information, or personal or financial information that needs to be verified is often indicative of fraudulent activity. Even if you are offered unsolicited coupons or are directed to an external payment link, you should be careful.

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In such cases, Revolut offers, for example, app prompts that are activated with each payment, thus ensuring that the recipient is trustworthy.

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5. Avoid direct contact outside the platform

Victims are often manipulated into sending real-time payments to scammers. They are personally contacted by someone claiming to be…

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