5 warning signs that your relationship is not as happy as you think

5 warning signs that your relationship is not as happy as you think

Unhappy couple by nature: 5 warning signs that your relationship is not as happy as you think

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How strong is your partnership really? It is not always easy to figure this out in everyday communication. These things can be hidden signs that your home blessing is off—perhaps without you realizing it.

There are big, unequivocal signs that there are problems in the relationship. For example, an affair or a disagreement on such fundamental issues as children or the whole pattern of life. And then there are much more subtle signals that the partnership is in trouble. To recognize them, we have to listen and look much more closely. And it’s not easy sometimes. These five signs indicate that you should work on your relationship.

5 subtle signs that your relationship is in trouble

1. Your partner’s messages annoy you

Your phone beeps, you see it’s a message from your lover. What is your most intuitive reaction? No one expects us to gasp for air with every text message about toilet paper. But it should still give you food for thought if your first reaction is to roll your eyes when your partner contacts you.

2. You are less and less interested in sex

How much sex we want and what we need in a relationship is very individual. And it is also quite normal that after ten years together and maybe one to three children, the passion is not as strong as in the first months of the relationship, when we were still in love and couldn’t let go. each other.

First of all, it’s important that your desired frequencies match when it comes to sex. If one half wants to sleep together three times a week and the other half is fine with once a month, it’s likely to become a problem. And if one side loses interest in sex over time, this is usually a sign that something is wrong. It is most helpful here to speak honestly and carefully.

3. You have to constantly defend your partner’s behavior

In principle, of course, it is elementary that we stand behind our treasure – after all, we are partners. However, if you feel the need to constantly look the other way and make excuses for your partner’s bad behavior, something is wrong. Especially if others around him repeatedly point out that he is behaving inappropriately. Nobody’s perfect, but your relationship shouldn’t be all about making excuses for your partner’s problematic behavior.

4. You constantly argue about small things

Every couple fights from time to time – depending on the personality and the phase of the relationship, arguments sometimes occur more often, sometimes less often. But maybe lately you’ve been feeling like you’re constantly getting angry over little things. This can be a classic argument over a toilet seat or a tube of toothpaste. Or it’s about a television program or a meal decision. A few harmless bitches are not necessarily a cause for concern. However, if you feel like you can barely have a normal conversation without either of you getting angry, it could be a sign of a deeper problem.

5. You would rather spend time with your friends than with your partner

In fact, it should be as simple as this: of course, we like to be with our lover, and we prefer to do everything together. Eat, go to the cinema, travel. Now there are couples who don’t share all these everyday or less everyday things. And as long as both parties agree and are satisfied, of course, everything is fine. But if you’re actually a couple who likes to share all of these things with each other, and you or your partner suddenly don’t want to anymore, this can happen warning signal that something is wrong. This is where you should ask yourself why one or even both of you suddenly prefers to spend time with other people instead of your partner.

After all, you know best what your relationship looks like. No one can look from the outside, and there’s quite…

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