A 13 year old weapon is more toxic than ever in CoD MW2

To Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 operating panel is currently considered a nuisance. The result was a mid-season nerf. However, players are disappointed with the changes as the debuff didn’t exactly hit the target.

The riot shield has a dubious reputation in Call of Duty. It is considered toxic because it allows you to break normal game patterns and not deal damage to an enemy holding the shield while holding down the trigger.

This part first appeared in the original CoD MW2 from 2009. And now, 13 years later, the performance shield has reached a kind of peak. In most matches, at least one player carries a shield.

It’s clear that the developers have this trend in mind and thought about it Mid season: “Here’s a big nerf announced!”. But apparently, you didn’t watch very much – because a strong nerf does not bring the desired effect to many players.

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CoD MW2: Operation Shield leads to turtle battles

How was the shield nerfed? Inside Patch Notes der Mid-Season a rather strong nerve can be seen:

  • Installation Shield – Nerf
    • Lower movement speed
    • Reduced melee damage
    • Animations have been improved
    • Throwing knife takes longer to use

This ruined the playstyle where you use the blast shield as your primary weapon.

Why didn’t the nerf catch on? The problem is that the shield is currently less used as a primary weapon. Rather, players use the item as a back shield.

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Because if you don’t have the handheld part in front, you carry the shield on your back, and here it also protects you from malicious bullets.

The problem is especially evident in the new map Shipping. Many players come here to level up a specific weapon or farm kill like crazy.

Along with the Overkill or Akimbo pistol perks, the shield is set as an additional weapon and serves as a turtle shell on the back:

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In fact, it was these turtle fights that were the opposite for many players. But the nerf went straight to the shield player’s back – no effect.

You can follow the topic in the community on Reddit. In the CoD MW2 subreddit, 2 of the top 10 threads are currently related to performance shields.

A 26-day-old thread with almost 12,000 upvotes solves the back protection problem (via reddit.com). Also in the current Nerf thread (via reddit.com), which has over 9,700 upvotes in 2 days, is widely discussed (12/16/22 / 11:30 AM).

It remains to be seen how things will continue. However, many players would like to see something change here and see less turtle fights.

We are also interested in your opinion on this topic. How long has that shield been bothering you? Can you play by yourself? How would you screw up that part? Leave a comment on the topic.

If you’re interested in learning more about how players have generally received the mid-season update, check out: CoD MW2 and Warzone 2 get updates with over 120 bug fixes – are shooters running smoothly now?

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