A real estate agent reveals how you (possibly) get a dream apartment

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The rush in the housing market is huge and vacant living space is declining. Reviewing an apartment today is almost like a job interview – not properly prepared loses the competition

“It simply came to our notice then apartmentwatching: an important first impression. Sympathy is not decisive, but convincing. If you follow a few more rules, you will be a big step closer to the apartment of your dreams, ”explains Benjamin Dau. propertybroker from Berlin. It reveals 5 tricks and what you should take with you if you want to quickly hold the key to your new apartment.

1. Proper preparation is everything and the end

An inspection of an apartment is equivalent to an exam: if you are properly prepared, you will pass it successfully.

Therefore, you should have all the relevant documents before going for an inspection.

Because if you wait until the meeting and show up empty, you will hardly score. No broker or landlord has time to wait for documents. In this case, the choice is always up to the optimally prepared visitors.

2. Collect important documents

One of the most important documents is self disclosure. Ideally, the potential client fills this out in advance and sends it to the broker or owner. Other required documents are SCHUFA information, pay slips for the last three months like a certificate of debt reliefin which the former landlord confirms that the rents have always been paid on time.

Important: Even if a lot of things work on your smartphone these days, owners and brokers prefer printed documents.

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3. Ask specific questions by phone

When viewed, visitors are often presented with a fait accompli: mass viewing. To avoid this scenario, a potential customer can contact an agent or landlord in advance to ask for information: is it an individual meeting or a group meeting? Is it possible to visit the apartment alone and meet the landlord in person? This shows interest and increases the chances of getting the key to the apartment.

4. Appear authentic

While waiting for a review, many people have one question: what will I wear? Completely disguising yourself and choosing the smartest outfit is not necessarily an advantage. The risk of appearing unnatural and hard is too high.

In everyday life, it makes more sense to look the way you feel comfortable. Of course, you shouldn’t wear running pants, but one thing is clear: authenticity inspires sympathy.

5. Refrain from questionable offers

If, after many trials, the apartment has not yet come true, hope is often diminished. However, this is not a reason to make questionable offers to a broker or landlord under the slogan “If I give me an apartment, I will pay for the holiday or invite me to dinner.” Such proposals do the opposite and are not necessary.

If you follow the above tips, you will definitely get the keys to your dream apartment.

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