A secret recording showing how the regime stole the corpse

Hundreds of demonstrators have already died in Iran. Now the relatives of the deceased are appealing to the public.

According to the UN Human Rights Office, more than 300 demonstrators have been killed since the protests began Iran killed eight weeks ago. According to observers, the number of unregistered cases may be even higher. Now the brother of the deceased has spoken and shared a statement on social media with an impressive address.

The protests were sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Jina Amini. Kurd died in police custody in September after being arrested by so-called vices. Human rights activists blame the regime for his death. Since then, thousands of protesters have demanded an end to the Islamic regime.

What does the brother of the deceased say and why does he tell you not to be afraid find out in the video here or above

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