A tour of the construction site of thermal baths and a look into the future

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from: Hanna von Prosch

The thermal pool overlooks the spa park, the music school, the Waitz’schen Turm and the Sprudelhof. © Hanna von Prosch

The body of the Bad Nauheimer Therme has been completed and the roofing work has begun. Lead architect Christian Karl from Blfp Planungs GmbH showed the construction site around.

The picture of the Sprudelhof-Therme in Bad Nauheim is slowly coming together. The Guest Route group is led by architect Christian Karl and construction management manager Alexander von der Heid. You come from Ludwigstraße through the green area, under which there is an underground car park, to the main entrance. The entrance to the underground parking lot has already been arranged. Otherwise, you can see a lot of concrete and a lot of air between the thick and thin posts. The view of the Sprudelhof, the view of the Kurpark and the connection to Badehaus 2 were important to the planners. There are clear views from everywhere.

800 square meters of water surface

Karl leads the group from the entrance to the ticket office, then to the left to the showers and changing rooms between the thermal baths and the sauna transition. The sauna doesn’t have its own changing rooms, so the place doesn’t, he explains. There are still open ventilation shafts here, some so wide that a car can drive through them, Karl explains. The facade here resembles a wall of waves – elements of glass and curved concrete, which required a special formwork, were given a round, milled natural stone coating.

A wide staircase leads to the lower floor to the transition to sauna 2, but the group does not take it. And here you are in a real bathroom. There will be a total of 800 square meters of water surface. This pool is divided into the main thermal, whirlpool and motion pools, a thermal outdoor pool, a small cold and hot pool, and most importantly, an intense brine pool where you feel like you’re floating in the Dead Sea. Directly in front of the thermal pool, the planners made a virtue out of necessity and created a semicircular lighted shower between two columns weighing several tons.

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You can also warm up in the sauna at the Waitz’sches Turm

There is also a spa garden and a sauna garden, which is lower because of the unwanted views. On the ground floor there is a green sun terrace, a lounge and the so-called Bad Nauheimer bathing ritual, as well as a fitness room. Restaurants and a shop will be located next to the entrance hall, which overlooks the swimming area.

“What you don’t see are all the technical systems and the huge overflow basin in the basement,” says Karl. After entering the thermal bath, you can use the outdoor sauna and steam room. More paid saunas will appear in Badehaus 2 and the Waitz’sches Turm, which is also slated to be restored. The entry from the underground parking lot will also be attractively designed. Guests can easily access all floors with four stainless steel covered passenger elevators.

In this context, Karl clearly states what must be considered to avoid corrosion caused by aggressive brine. There is a separate protection concept for this. » A steel frame structure was used in the pool. Concrete and wood ceilings are not a problem. We took precautions and brought experience from the old building, tested and analyzed the materials, and then changed our minds from time to time. Although a lot of stainless steel had to be used, costs were kept within reasonable limits,” he assures.

Finish: Date stays good

And what are the biggest challenges? “As usual: cost, quality and time,” replies Karl. He is proud that the current rise in material prices could have been avoided if the rate had been set early. It also appears that the target completion date is exactly one year away, with a 2023 opening. in October Then there will also be a six-story hotel shell with direct access to the thermal baths, planned between the thermal baths and the Kerckhoff Rehabilitation Center. But that’s not his job.

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A whole bunch of craftsmen will soon be bubbling in the thermal baths again: metal workers, sealers, locksmiths, carpenters, floor builders, etc. The facade, with lots of glass, should be completed by the end of the year. Interested parties can observe the construction work of the thermal baths through a web camera – see www.bad-nauheim.de/therme.

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