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The amount of completed thrillers with Bruce Willis should gradually become clear. But the Knight Detective trilogy is still coming. Here’s a trailer for their second installment, Atonement:

Detective Knight 2: Redemption” is the sequel to the action thriller “Detective Knight: Rogue” that we featured a few weeks ago. and appears to connect directly to it. Now he is playing again retired due to illness based, former global star Bruce Willis the title role in the direct-to-video blockbuster. Since the first part will be published in this country only in 2022. in mid-December, the content of the sequel is still somewhat sparse.

Here’s what we can say about Detective Knight 2: Redemption’s story so far: James Knight (Bruce Willis) was arrested. An ex-cop is in prison when suddenly there is a major outbreak. The action takes place at the expense of a domestic terrorist (Paul Johansson), who calls himself the Christmas Bomber.

With his henchmen dressed as Santa Clauses, the villain quickly causes a commotion throughout the city. Then former police colleagues contact Knight and offer him a deal: if he can catch the gangster, he’ll get his badge back and his old job back…

Bruce Willis alone against a host of heavily armed criminals? And this at Christmas? What action fan doesn’t remember?Die hard“? Can the Detective Knight movies keep up? Not an easy task indeed…

The start of a new trilogy with Bruce Willis: the trailer for Detective Knight: Rogue

In North America, Detective Knight 2: Redemption will debut in select theaters in 2022. on December 9, will also be broadcast at the same time. In Germany, the thriller will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in 2023. March 10 Both discs are available for pre-order now from their respective online retailers:

How much can you drink with a clear conscience?

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Anyone who hasn’t yet secured the 2022 release date. December 16 You can do it from this link:

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By the way, the last, third part of the series will be “Detective Knight 3: Independence” and is slated to launch in North America in 2023. January 20 A German release date for the finale has not yet been set.

Meet the cast and crew of Detective Knight: Redemption

As with its predecessor (as well as at the end of the trilogy). Edward Drake directing. Also, the frequent Australian creator once again wrote the script. Before that, he put his lead actor Bruce Willis in cheap action flicks like Cosmic Sin, Apex, Gasoline Alley, and American Siege, which were cheaply dismissed by critics and almost consistently panned.

In addition to Pulp Fiction and The Sixth Sense stars, Detective Knight 2: Redemption also stars Paul Johansson (Van Helsing). John Cassini (“Get Carter”), Corey Large (Lone Survivor), Lochlyn Munro (“Riverdale”), Miranda Edwards (Snowpiercer) and Beau Mirchoff (Good Trouble) with Edward Drakes camera.

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