After GTA 6 Leak: Developers Reveal What Their Games Looked Like In Early Development

After Rockstar had to deal with perhaps the most serious leak in the company’s history, other developers showed solidarity by releasing images of early beta versions of their games. There’s a kid’s toy T-Rex from Horizon: Zero Dawn, Splatoon Tofu, and more.

No, graphics are the first thing to complete in a game

Especially the graphics GTA 6 many fans had something to complain about. The animations weren’t rounded enough, the game looks like GTA V, and many other points of criticism were found and not always politely communicated. Even the leaker himself stated that it was an early beta version.

To support Rockstar right now and to show the community that very few games look perfect at first, some studios are releasing early footage from their productions.

First up is Kurt Margenau, one of the leads of Uncharted 4. It features a car chase that takes you through a world of monochrome block grids. “There are a million steps between them,” he writes on Twitter. Of course, every game starts with a basic system that you build step by step.

This Thunderjaw from Horizon: Zero Dawn hasn’t seen better days at the time either. However, the developers of Guerrilla Games should change this.

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Also, here’s how incredibly un-epic the Kratos vs. Baldur fight in God of War can look when it’s missing the finishing touches:

And who would have thought that Splatoon would once be so colorless and use a red block as a prototype?

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“Yes… this is what The Last of Us looked like in its development phase. Every game you’ve ever played has experienced this,” Naughty Dog tweeted, showing early footage of The Last of Us showing the setting. missing all the details.

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Rift of the NecroDancer included poorly cropped photos of yoga poses as a prototype. If this existed as a YouTube yoga tutorial, I’d pull out the mat immediately:

The cult of the Lamb was also minimalist in its early stages.

Control also started at a young age, with the protagonist…

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