After the presidential election in France: Prime Minister Castex resigns as expected

From: 2022-05-16 18:22

French Prime Minister Castex resigns after the re-election of President Macrono. Such a move is common in France after the presidential election. Former Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne will be his successor.

As expected, the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, has resigned. This was announced by the House of Elisha. This step is considered a formality in France after the presidential election. But it comes surprisingly late, a good three weeks after the vote. President Emmanuel Macron has accepted his resignation, according to the report. Macron has appointed former Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne as his successor.

Castex was appointed prime minister two years ago, which was unexpected for many. Then, as the mayor of a small Pyrenees village for many years and a former employee of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, hardly anyone in France knew him. Castex should lead the country out of the pandemic in the spirit of Macrono, without overtaking the president’s popularity.

Mocked, but also popular

Many people in the country describe the outgoing Prime Minister as not very charismatic, even after two years of work. It is a popular object for more or less fascinating media ridicule – Castex offers many possibilities to attack: whether it be a heavy accent of the southern French, which he does not try to hide, or a burning passion for the railways, which earned him the nickname. ” horror conductor ”.

During its reign, the corona pandemic dominated. Among other things, he had to send the country’s residents into closure and impose other huge restrictions on daily life. Nevertheless, its popularity ratings have remained consistently good. Also because Castex traveled a lot around the country.

What awaits the Great Peatland?

Loyal to the president, he cleverly led the country for two years, which is why Macron hired a technocrat from a moderately conservative camp. At this point, however, the prime minister was unable to put his stamp on French politicians.

She gave birth to only a second woman in this office

Along with Castex, the entire government submitted a resignation. This allows the re-elected president to convene a new cabinet.

Elisabeth Borne is only the second time in the republic’s history that a woman has become prime minister. Borne is due to be officially inaugurated tonight. The first head of government was Edith Cresson, who in 1991 took office in less than a year.

Shortly after the re-election on April 24. Macron promised to reshape the government. He is not obliged to do so, but in view of the Seimas elections in June, he wanted to convey a new political start.

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