Anne Will: How will things go after the NRW election?

Anne Will on the NRW election: what’s next in Düsseldorf?

NRW voted, but what’s next Dusseldorf?

On Sunday evening, Anne Will will discuss the following issues with these guests:

  • Lars Klingbeil
    (Chairman of the SPD)
  • Ricarda Lang (
    Green Chair)
  • Kristianas Durras
    (Head of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bundestage)
  • J
    mes Spahn
    (Member of the CDU Bureau)

  • Mariam Lau
    (Political correspondent, Die Zeit)

And that’s the end of the show. Thanks for reading here.

10:56 p.m .:
Lars Klingbleich concludes with the words: “The agreed socio-political points of the traffic light will not be shaken”.

10:54 p.m .:
“Our well-being depends on exports,” adds Jens Spahn. The CDU politician is pleased that the substantive debate is therefore very useful.

10:53 p.m .:
Now Mariam Lau can do it again. “Our welfare model will not continue,” the journalist predicts. “It’s a change of understanding,” Lang says.

10:52 p.m .:
Lars Klingbeil says the growth projects are very clearly set out in the coalition agreement. – And it must not lag behind.

10:49 p.m .:
Anne Will asks Ricardo Lang who should pay for all the plans. “Will there be record debt and FDP just don’t want to admit it yet? ”Will asks.

“Yes, it will all cost money,” Lang says. But: You have a coalition agreement and you keep it. However, the changed circumstances must also be taken into account. “I think the debt brake is right,” says Dürr. – I’m the only one here.

10:47 p.m .:
Christian Dürr praises himself and the traffic light. Tax policy measures and supply-side policies in the financial sector show that the right answers have already been found.

10:45 p.m .:
“I haven’t heard from the Chancellor on this,” Spahn said. Anne Will gets involved and brings her theme back to the show. “It simply came to our notice then. First there were high prices, then climate, energy and war.

10:44 p.m .:
Now Jens Spahn removes the topic of inflation from the loop. It’s pretty fun jumping back and forth here.

10:42 p.m .:
We follow the traffic light assistance package. Anne Will asks Lars Klingbeil why BPD would not have looked at retirees immediately. “The moment we see that it will be difficult for retirees, we have to talk to the coalition again,” Klingbeil said. “It is not true to say that there was nothing in the packaging.

10:39 p.m .:
It is now about energy saving or a long-term strategy. Here, too, the traffic light already has the right ideas, says Ricarda Lang.

10:37 PM:
“Here Berlin everyone uses public transport, ”says Klingbeil when asked about cutting energy prices. That’s why…

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