Another sexual assault on Princess Charming: How many ‘no’s does it take?

Former contestant Jo last week drew attention to the lesbian reality show “Princess Charming” by describing being sexually assaulted on set. The competitor Wiki that was the subject of the indictment has publicly admitted to (reported by However, this in no way dampened the excitement surrounding the show.

Production company Seapoint has been accused of covering up the issue. On Thursday, it was announced that another sexual assault had occurred on the set.

“Used as object”

The allegation came from former contestant Sarina, just like Jo and Wiki, also part of the first season of Princess Charming. Like Jo before her, Sarina shared her experiences on the show via Instagram. She describes in writing how an unnamed competitor allegedly forced her to have sex in a dormitory where participants sleep in double beds.

Accordingly, the perpetrator first asked her about sex in a metaphorical way, to which Sarina replied “no”. However, instead of agreeing to this, the woman allegedly continued to pressure Sarina both verbally and physically. The hand that she allegedly tried to put under the shirt of the interested person was pushed aside by Sarina. Then the same thing was tried with pants. The person concerned also claims that he clearly denied this verbally and stated that he wanted to sleep.

When Tterin turned away and asked for a hug, Sarina felt safe, as she further described on Instagram. But instead it says things got worse: “Then you took my hand. You took my hand and used my hand as a toy. As an object.”

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The perpetrator then placed his hand on the vulva and finally inserted it. Sarina was “shocked”, as she writes, and: “I thought everything was over”. She gave in and thought it was better than having the abuser touch her the other way around. So “at least it’s over.”

At some point, according to the descriptions, the offender “jumped” and ran to the bathroom. When Sarina came back, she pretended to be sleeping. The person concerned goes on to formulate his accusations against the woman: “How long does it take for you to stop? You used my hand. You used me. Like a vessel. For your pleasure.”

Is the production company willing to cover the subject?

But the accusations and descriptions of the first season of “Princess Charming” are not only aimed at the participants, but increasingly also at the production team. So Jo complains that the problem is with her Video Monday last week was the first time I was really upset that the developers of Seapoint did not comment to the media.

“I often talk to newspapers to make my cause and ours even more important,” he said in a video released Thursday. However, she learned that RTL and Seapoint “did not want to make any statements”. Accordingly, an article about the responsibility of the producers on the set was considered by journalists as “impossible” for “such a sensitive subject”. Then it would have only had His “one-sided perspective” but no producers. That’s why he didn’t show up in the end. The participant did not specify which newspaper it was supposed to be.

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The fact is that Jo already criticized Seapoint’s handling of the attack on her last week. One allegation was that Seapoint included a nondisclosure clause in its contracts with participants that made it difficult for Jo to speak publicly about the assault.

The producers expressed themselves on their Instagram channel charmings.official. In a brief statement last Friday, they said they were “not that aware” of the details and extent of the incident described by the participant. Otherwise, it would have been “obvious that there would have been an immediate on-site response”.

But how would Seapoint have reacted during filming? At the very least, the developers’ repeatedly criticized treatment of other border violations from both seasons raises reasonable doubts about responsible behavior. Some of them were even broadcast and included in dramaturgy. This includes, for example, forced kisses.

“Physicality” requires “absolute consensus,” it was then said, hardly controversially…

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