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Dear readers,

Welcome to a little guessing game on Friday. Compliance The start of our big MAZ “Family Compass” survey evaluation today it’s all about families, or rather families in Brandenburg. How are you? What’s the problem? What is good for parents and children in the country, what is bad? This is exactly what we wanted to know as the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, and together with the Lausitzer Rundschau and the Märkische Oderzeitung, we launched the largest statewide study on child- and family-friendliness in Brandenburg. With 9,500 people participating, you can read the beginning of our massive statewide evaluation here.

But back to the promised guessing game and question number one: the majority of students in the country cycle to school – what is the average distance to school? (A: 11 minutes; B: 19 minutes; C: 24 minutes). Second question: What percentage of respondents like their neighbors? (A – 81%; B – 75%; C – 63%). And finally, what percentage of the nation’s children enjoy going to school? (A – 43%; B – 85%; C – 68%).

Since the answer is so beautiful, I will immediately address the second question: because, believe it or not, 81 percent of those surveyed think they have friendly neighbors. 84% also like their living environment – no more complaining bookmarks!

Overall, families in Brandenburg are happier than some of us expected: most respondents are satisfied with daycare centers and schools, feel at home in their region, Brandenburg received an overall score of 2.93 for family friendliness.

Is it good or bad? Totally depends on the area of ​​life. Work, school, kindergarten, transport or medical care – grades are quite different. And yes, there are a few things which urgently need to be changed from the point of view of families in the country. The differences between different regions are also exciting, the first assessments of which can be found here hereThere will be many more posts and stories in the coming days and weeks.

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And now I wish you a nice weekend – without solving the last two questions of our little guessing game, of course. Number 1: Children in Brandenburg take an average of 19 minutes to get to school. 2: 68 percent of children enjoy going to school.

I hope you had a little fun with the puzzle.

Best wishes

Anna Sprockhoff

deputy editor-in-chief

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