As a new holiday home in Zembschen should deter thieves

Hohenmölsen / MZ “The boss himself is doing a security test: ‘I tried to raise the shelter – it failed,'” says Andy Haugkas, laughing. The director of the Hohenmölsen Cultural Foundation and the non-partisan mayor of the three towers have reason to rejoice: a year ago, strangers stole a cultural holiday home near Zembschen, not far from the Recarbo cycle path. , a new shelter for cyclists and hikers was purchased.

The frame weighs a ton, is made of solid wood and therefore cannot be easily transported. “We are very pleased that the holiday home has arrived on time since the summer started,” says Andy Haugk.

The new shelter cost over 3,000 euros

The new shelter cost a total of € 3367.70, including transport and assembly. Funding was provided by the Cultural Foundation. The money was donated by a private donor, and the Cultural Foundation also received € 500 from the Freiberg Brewery.

The foundation has taken advantage of its links with the Freiberger Bergakademie, reports Ulrike Kalteich, head of the office. The university cooperates with the Hohenmölsen Agricolagymnasium, and professors and students from the Bergakademie often attend the Kulturstiftung summer academy. In addition, the brewery previously co-financed a holiday home in Thuringia. Thus, the Cultural Foundation wrote the relevant letter. “We used to think about what we would do – whether we would allocate our funds or look for subsidies,” says Haugkas, the fund’s director.

An old resting hut was stolen: the fact could not be ascertained

He and the Cultural Foundation were shocked as soon as the rest hut near Zembschen, installed in October 2020, was turned upside down, loaded and taken out during a half-night operation. “It simply came to our notice then. Approvals and funding needed to be clarified, ”says Haugkas.

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It is still unclear what happened to the shelter with the roof, seats and table. The suspect could not be identified and the proceedings have now been closed, as police said when asked by MŽ: “The investigation did not yield any evidence. Neither witnesses nor suspects could be found, so the remaining theft of the hut could not be resolved, ”said police spokeswoman Gesine Kerwien.

The holiday home has a GPS

Kulturstiftung Hohenmölsen has now made sure that the same fate does not befall the new frame. The new holiday home is not only much heavier and more massive – the construction had to be done with the help of a crane – the cultural foundation also provided the frame with a GPS transmitter. That way, a shelter can be found if the worst comes out.

Meanwhile, the new hut was well received by walkers and cyclists, as Ulrike Kalteich says: “I’ve seen a lot of photos on Facebook with people stopping here,” she says. Andy Haugk’s place is the perfect place to relax. “It offers a wonderful view of the Zembschen and Hohenmölsen water towers,” he says.

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