As in Fack ju Göhte: The wrong teacher revealed at an upper Bavarian school

A fake teacher was employed at a school in Upper Bavaria.  - Symbolic painting: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbbert / dpa
A fake teacher was employed at a school in Upper Bavaria. – Symbolic painting: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbbert / dpa

The case is somewhat reminiscent of Fack ju Göhte: A 23-year-old young man was employed by a teacher at a school in the Upper Bavarian District of Munich using forged documents.

According to a police spokesman on Wednesday, the fraud was uncovered a few weeks later because the young man probably applied too much to his CV. The newspaper Bild was the first to report.

Doubts about the man’s age

According to Pulach School Police, the 23-year-old boasted to his parents that he attended various colleges and universities, among other things. The parents of the man had doubts about his age. The 47-year-old man checked some of the man’s allegations online, faced objections and filed a complaint. He confessed to the crime when police arrived at the school last Monday and charged him with a 23-year-old man from Munich. Relevant evidence was also collected.

The motive is unclear – inspiration from “Fack ju Göhte?”

According to police, the young man had been teaching at an English language school in Pulach since the beginning of April. A spokesman declined to say which school it was. He said it was not a high school.

The dizziness is reminiscent of the successful German film Fack ju Göhte with Elyas M’Barek. In it, he plays a bank robber who pretends to be a teacher at a school in search of prey from the last robbery. But at first nothing was known about the motives of the false teacher Pulache. However, he had previously applied to a school in the Starnberg district with forged documents.

The representative could not say what school qualifications the 23-year-old had. The man never appeared before the police. A fake teacher is now being investigated for fraud. – dpa / cav

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