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After L’Osteria managed to post positive results for 2022 in the fall. business data, the next important step in achieving the brand’s ambitious gastronomy development plans will be in 2023. entry into the Polish market is planned for the summer. Well-known new employees support ambitious goals in Germany and Europe.

The Italian gastronomy brand L’Osteria continues to develop its ambitious plans for the future and is actively implementing its corporate strategy to double the number of restaurants and employees in the coming years. Part of the package of measures will be the entry into new European markets, and the next concrete step will be the expansion into Poland in 2023. in the summer

To drive these changes, L’Osteria is getting new personnel support: Claus Hummel, as the new Vice President, is now responsible for the “Development and Construction” division. In addition, Adam Mularuk as the new partner of FR L’Osteria SE joint venture Poland, Eastern European market development expert is coming to La Famiglia.

in 2021 L’Osteria has announced an ambitious goal Di5 to double in 5 (years): to double sales targets, restaurant locations to more than 300 and staff to 10,000 in the next five years. These ambitious plans are possible because the Italian brand’s gastronomy is has been stable and has done its homework despite the turbulent past years due to the coronavirus pandemic and related phases of gastronomy lockdowns, as well as the effects of the Ukraine conflict and the current energy crisis.

In Germany, L’Osteria continues to see great potential that has yet to be tapped. International business is expected to grow in existing markets where L’Osteria already has successful restaurants, such as France and Great Britain. In addition, new markets such as Poland are planned to be opened in the coming years.

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At the moment, it is already possible to announce the specific entry into Poland, which will take place in 2023. in the summer with the first location in Warsaw, where L’Osteria is currently operating at full speed. L’Osteria managed to acquire an experienced expert in this market, Adam Mularuk, who will be the partner of the FR L’Osteria SE joint venture in Poland.

Mularuk can draw on a wealth of experience and look back on a successful time in the restaurant business and in the retail business. Previously, he was responsible for the operations of brands such as KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Starbucks in 12 countries with 1,800 restaurants and more than 18,000 employees. At Starbucks, he helped grow the brand from 70 to 400 locations in eight countries. He worked for IKEA as “Country Sales Director” Poland, “Store Director” in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Janki, Warsaw and “Food Service Director”.

Mularuk will assume the role of a permanent partner in the development of the Polish market and act as the face of the brand there. Mularuk is currently undergoing several months of training at various L’Osteria restaurants to “learn all the standards and processes from the bottom up” and familiarize himself with the brand. “From my first contact with the L’Osteria brand, I was deeply convinced of it and its unique concept. The growth potential of gastronomy in Poland is great and I am very much looking forward to developing my home market and winning the hearts of Polish guests together with L’Osteria”, says Adam Mularuk.

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FR L’Osteria SE plans to open around 20 stores nationally and internationally in the coming years. Claus Hummel, Vice President Development and Construction, will be responsible for national and international development. Hummel is supported by a team at national and international level consisting of development and project managers. “Together with the team, we identify new and suitable rental and construction areas in order to achieve our goals. We are focusing on consolidating our restaurant chain in our existing markets – freestanding and in the city center – as well as in other interesting European markets,” says Claus Hummel, who is no stranger to expansion. S.Oliver with its associated brands s.Oliver, comma and LIEBESKIND in Berlin, Hummel has recently started a major expansion wave at the DA-CH level back into the inner cities…

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