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To Glenn Gould, one of the greatest and most original pianists, on September 25th. would have turned 90 years old. Also, just a few days later, on October 4, it will be the 40th anniversary of his death. Much has been written about him, but for this reason, Canadian author Sarah Ellis, together with illustrator Nancy Vo, has published a picture book for all generations about the childhood of this exceptional pianist. Dorothea Husslein reveals more about the book.

“Glenn likes to have fun. He likes puns and jokes, funny hats and funny voices, and he likes to play duet with his dog. He sings to the cows in the pasture and the elephants in the zoo: Glenn likes to have fun, but he doesn’t like being bullied. When people make fun of themselves at the expense of others, he refuses to do the same.”

Glenn Gould’s life as a picture book for the first time

Canadian pianist Glenn Gould was an extremely creative person from his youth. And he searches for absolute music in all possible ways, regardless of physical and mental sensitivity. Much has been written about Gould, but for the first time the phenomenon of this personality is now captured in a picture book.

Glenn Gould becomes one of the most brilliant and idiosyncratic pianists to ever exist. But how did he develop into this musical phenomenon who later delighted the world with his piano playing, especially with Bach recordings? This picture book focuses on short episodes about Glenn’s likes and dislikes.

Concept and animation by Anime2You

“Glenn loves nature – trees in the fog, trees in the snow, the shadows they cast, but… he doesn’t like the cold. Likes to dress warmly. She wears a coat with a scarf, hat and gloves even in summer or when going to the beach.”

Retreat to warmth and peace

Throughout his life, Gould hated the cold and wore heavy clothing even in warm places. Sahra Ellis and Nancy Vo have chosen such details from his biography to portray his quirks and quirks. The focus is on his approach to music and his ruthlessness when it comes to matters of quality, but little else is available. For example, the names of composers important to him are not mentioned. But his relationship with…

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