As the country of the dash became a region – SWR2

The country from the reply, the country of the dash? Reservations for the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate were high in the post-war years. “In fact, there weren’t so many people outside the country at first,” said SWR2 reporter Marie-Christine Werner of the 1947 vote. May 18

75 years ago, just 53 percent of the population of Rhineland-Palatinate voted in favor of the state’s constitution, and the French plan to unite the Rhine provinces of southern Prussia with Palatinate.

There were big reservations at the time, especially in Rheinhessen and the Palatinate, says Marie-Christine Werner. On the other hand, according to the current SWR survey, 71 percent of people today feel closely or very closely associated with the Rhineland-Palatinate.

Even if the regions of the state continue to play an important role, it has become self-evident on the outside that the Rhineland-Palatinate originated.

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