At first ashamed and now overwhelmed: Werder captain Toprak is as open as

When the ascent was complete, he fled Omer Toprak – Salon The Bremen SV Werder captain did not want to celebrate on the pitch at first, but wanted to be left alone. In a very emotional interview with Sky TV, he later explained why.

“It simply came to our notice then. I can’t imagine what happened outside. I was in the locker room the whole time. Now my colleagues said I should go out, ”Toprak said.“ I was a little independent, I just needed it. This relegation has hit me hard. ”The words of the 32nd footballer make it clear how close it was:“ It was just very important to me to be able to get the club back where it belonged. We fell into the fall last year, I was a part of it. I have to be open, I was very hurt by the fact that we were dropped out. Basically, only my family knows that. I was very ashamed that we got off. So I just wanted to fix it. “

He was lucky. Trainer Oles Werner stressed before the match, “Ömer is probably our most important player.” That’s why he picked him up, despite major calf problems. The defense boss struggled with that all season, having to land 35 minutes before Aue a week ago. But he reappeared in training on Wednesday. “It simply came to our notice then. The medical department compressed the gas. No one would have stopped me today, even if it had exploded. The coach knew that. We took risks. I said, if it explodes, it explodes. Thank God she resisted, ”Toprak said.

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It became clear how much the former Turkish international identified with its role in Bremen. However, it is unclear whether he will remain on the Werder team. His contract expires at the end of June. Speeches on the extension have been postponed until the end of the season. It is possible that Toprak will stay, but in any case he was extremely impressed by the Werder fans: “You see what is going on here, what happened before the match. It was all year round, although sometimes we played really disgustingly. Where there was real shame. We were very focused, the team got closer and closer as a group and we just succeeded.

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