Attorney Heyl’s report – How can I defend myself?

You used to be a customer of Postbank and you recently found a letter in your mailbox from lawyer Ralf Heyl from Hürth? I imagine you were completely taken aback by this letter and wondered what Attorney Heyl’s request meant. The main question: do I have to pay?

I will explain to you what claims attorney Ralf Heyl is making, whether you can successfully defend against a payment request and how we at GÖDDECKE RECHTSANWÄLTE can help you with this. Of course, I will finally explain to you when it is really worth taking a fight with a lawyer from Hürth.

You may be wondering who is Attorney Ralf Heyl?

Lawyer Heyl from Hürth previously worked for Deutsche Postbank AG. He managed Postbank’s customer information and collection business. So he asked the postal bank for money.

In 2015, he acquired nearly 8,500 receivables from Postbank AG customers and has been confirming receivables on his own behalf ever since. Does this include your debt? You are not alone. More than 300,000 old Postbank customers were affected.

Those referred by Attorney Heyl must pay the attorney directly. Short deadlines are set to increase the pressure.

It is important that you take steps to successfully defend your claim. Before filing a lawsuit, I think your chances are best. Because if you are sued, it involves unnecessary effort and expense.

Nevertheless: you should not rush into anything recklessly, given the often unjustified need for money, but act with the right information.

Therefore, my general request is: do not make any payments without sufficient knowledge. There are also no partial amounts.

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Hasty decisions and hasty interpretations should be avoided, otherwise there may be negative consequences. Then they cannot be undone. It is better and cheaper to get legal advice from an expert first.

If the assignment was incorrect, Mr. Heyl cannot claim payment. Here’s your chance.

Post Bank mistakes can help you fight a claim for good reasons. We can verify that Mr. Heyl really has a claim against you. Here it depends on the intricacies of banking law – a specialist in banking and capital market law can provide you with decisive support.

Are you worried about missing documents that would be important for your personal case? The lack of documents does not prevent us, experts, from successfully defending against a payment request. So take advantage of our experience.

Be proactive and like I said before the court also invades your home if possible. The reason is obvious: If you are served with a lawsuit, you must meet the statutory deadlines for notice of defense and response to the lawsuit. If you miss these deadlines, you risk having to pay an unjustified claim. If the judgment is final and you fail to pay, you may have to have a lien placed on your bank account.

It’s not always worth it financially to get in the ring with a lawyer around. However, in most cases, we think it makes sense to give serious thought to a claim that is well over four figures and to arrange at least a brief informational interview after sending your lawyer to Heyl-Post.

Contact us today and send us a current payment request letter from Attorney Heyl. We’ll check it for free and then get back to you to discuss the next steps. Only then do you choose which way you want to go.

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