Attract applicants with image films – a director reveals 6 tips on how to strengthen your employer brand with short films

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Finding good talent can be a real challenge in today’s job market. Entrepreneurs who are not creative in their search for new skilled workers are at a disadvantage. “That’s why short videos have proven to be a proven marketing tool,” says Julian Schneider.

“It’s not about hard facts – a good applicant video conveys a sense of belonging.” Julian Schneider is a screenwriter and director and has already created recruitment videos for the Saarland Police. In another article, he reveals six tips on how short videos can positively impact your employer brand.

Tip 1: Avoid standard phrases

In areas such as trade, industry or SAP consulting firms, one job advertisement often resembles another: the external image of many companies is difficult to distinguish from competitors. Of course, that doesn’t sit well with potential candidates! Well-worn phrases such as “close to the customer”, “highest quality” or “innovative company” say everything and nothing. In addition, interested candidates not only watch recruitment videos, but also all other company content. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to replace empty phrases with clear statements in your video and career page.

Tip 2: As the boss, you don’t need to be in front of the camera – let your employees shine!

Bosses are often not easy in front of the camera: even a monotonous voice, lack of gestures and facial expressions or a small slip of the tongue can light up the whole company. It looks completely different when employees are allowed to be in front of the camera! Not only small mistakes are forgiven here – the employees who present their work in the company also seem much more sincere and sympathetic! Applicants also have the opportunity to make a first impression of their future colleagues via video. Therefore, the applicable attenuation limit is much lower.

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Tip 3: Keep an eye on the competition

With online tools like Google Alert, it’s easy to monitor the competition and gather valuable tips. For example, if a competitor positions itself with the advantage that employees get free fruit and water, it’s smart to say, “Fruit and water are a given for us – but we also offer tax breaks, more vacations and a health program.” to our employees!”

Tip 4: Communicate the benefits to applicants

If you want to make good videos, you can learn the clever tricks of the sales experts! The sales professional isn’t promoting a ballpoint pen with rubber indentations, he’s promoting it to keep your fingers clean while writing! In other words: the benefits must be communicated very clearly. A good recruiting video answers the question, “What’s in it for me?” in a short and concise way.

Tip 5: Get outside help

Some things are not worth mentioning to us because we take them for granted – for example, a company pension scheme or flexible working hours. Our own performance blindness likes to pretend that interesting benefits are nothing special. However, applicants see things differently. Therefore, it is important to seek external support in order to make the right decisions and avoid the blindness of one’s performance. These can be acquaintances, your employees or agencies who can already demonstrate success in creating recruitment videos.

Tip 6: Understand the candidates

To emotionally appeal to a target audience, we must first understand them! For companies, this means: recruitment videos need to show that they really know what their ideal candidates care about. Only in this way can the company send the message: “We understand your problem and we have a solution for you!” For example, for hairdressers, it would be: “Are you tired of broken skin from all the chemicals? Constant standing and work-related back pain?” Those who demonstrate that they understand the people in their industry automatically position themselves as an attractive employer who does it better!

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