Avatar: Like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars – James Cameron Compares!


James Cameron was inspired by Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to create his Avatar world. Master director praises Amazon’s ‘Rings of Power’

Avatar 2: Creating the World of Pandora, directed by James Cameron "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars" to be inspired.

Avatar 2: Director James Cameron took inspiration from The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars when creating the world of Pandora. (Source: Disney / Amazon / Collage: Netzwelt)

  • James Cameron was inspired by Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to create his Avatar world.
  • The director praises Amazon’s Rings of Power and used the series as a model.
  • However, unlike the creators of the series, he did not have a template for the book, so he had to create it himself.

Avatar – Waterway” started in German cinemas. It took director James Cameron 13 years before the sequel to Avatar – Aufbruch nach Pandora hit theaters. This is because he changed the universe and the world in which his film series takes place. expand further.

James Cameron would like to make a total of 5 Avatar movies and for that he needs a lot of background information to create a logical world that the audience will be happy to dive into. Since the movies are not based on the books, he had a free hand on a creative level.

In a conversation with “Alita: Battle Angel” – US magazine director Robert Rodriguez Diversity now he reveals that he is interested in world building”Lord of the Rings“and”Star Wars” Inspired.

It’s dangerous to tell a story with a lot of characters because you can lose focus. But I accepted the challenge. There are these epic landscapes with an epic story. I imitated Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Something that is a consistent world that people love to come back to again and again.

James Cameron

Cameron praised AmazonThe Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powersaid: “If you’re going to watch something like ‘Rings of Power’, with all these different storylines and interesting characters, I wanted to have that too.”

“But they had a template, I didn’t. I had to write my own Silmarillion or Lord of the Rings notes. But I didn’t want to do it alone. I knew I wanted to make multiple movies, so I created the writer’s room as a series.

Series often involve a whole bunch of writers coming together to discuss plot and character development. Then the scripts are written. Not so with movies, as Cameron suggests. There are often several screenwriters writing the script.

In the series, the presenters have the right to decide how to proceed. However, all authors throw their ideas into the ring. Individual scripts are written by one or more people, not all together. But ideas come from everyone.

With Avatar 2, this can be clearly seen. The screenplay was “solely” written by James Cameron, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. But the story has many more names than creators: Josh Friedman, Shane Salerno, Cameron, Jaffa and Silver.

Avatar 3 is already partially completed and is expected to hit international theaters in December 2024. we issue What you need to know before going to the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie theater.!

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