Bankruptcy not as bad as Mt.Gox?

Just like the blockchain forensics scientists at Chainalysis to write, the Mt.Gox bust was three times worse than the FTX crash – at least on a very specific scale. After all, Mt.Gox had roughly three times the market power of FTX at the time. In today’s edition of the BTC-ECHO Recap podcast, our podcasters David Scheider and Giacomo Maihofer explain why this comparison is incorrect.

What happens when Genesis fails?

We also talk about the ongoing rumor mill around Genesis and Grayscale. Because liquidity problems Genesis still not resolved. Will Binance get involved?

After all, things are looking a little better for Grayscale, the world’s largest Bitcoin fund. According to Coinbase’s documentation, its storage unit holds most of the GBTC coins.

Harvard Now A Bitcoin Fan?

Meanwhile, the Ivy League is receiving unexpected support. The elite Harvard University in the US is now advising central banks to buy Bitcoin to become more independent of US monetary policy. We’ve always said that.

Enjoy listening.

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