Big concern Hendrik! What is wrong with him?

Troubled times are ahead for Red Rose darling Hendrik in the coming weeks…

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From September 12, new ones finally appeared Rote Rosen– Episodes where we learned how Hendrik and his ex Annemarie continue the children’s dispute. After Annemarie threatens to take the children away from the doctor and even asks for sole custody, and Hendrik fights for his children for weeks, the parents finally agree to let Joe and Sam go to New York so as not to burden them. further on.

Red Roses: Prosecutors are investigating Hendrik

But the move brings new problems: Hendrik misses Sam and Jo’s call twice, which Annemarie uses as an opportunity to blame him for losing interest in her children. “She subtly threatens to end the relationship – Hendrik is shocked!” says ARD.

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All attempts to explain to Annemarie are futile. Instead, she becomes stubborn – then Hendrik also learns that he is suspected of child molestation and that the prosecutor’s office is investigating. What exactly is behind this or what is unclear in the Red Roses preview.

Red Roses: Is Hendrik Slipping Into A Pill Addiction?

The doctor is under such stress that, according to the first, he makes a “fatal decision”. He’s on the pill – and it doesn’t stop right away, it keeps happening until mid-October. It seems that Hendrik, in order to “get a better handle on his day-to-day life”, falls into a vortex of addiction. Will he come out again? And what is behind the complaint against Hendrik?

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