BSI status report: Cyber ​​security at risk like never before

Status: 2022-10-25 14:54

In Germany, the risk of becoming a victim of cybercriminals is higher than ever. According to the responsible federal agency, it is mostly about extortion. But there are more attacks due to the war in Ukraine.

Cybercriminals and state actors are endangering German cyber security like never before. It comes out of Federal Office of Information Technology Security Status Report published which was published in Berlin. In addition to criminal acts, the institution identifies cyber attacks in the context of Russia’s attack on Ukraine as the reason for the high threat. In many cases, there were complaints about inadequate quality of IT and software products.

in 2021 more than 20,000 vulnerabilities in software products were discovered and recorded, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said when presenting the report. This corresponds to a ten percent increase compared to last year, according to the BPD politician.

In the reporting period from 2021 until June 2022 In May, as in the previous year, there was a significant threat of cybercrime driven by financial motives. In addition, there were various threats related to Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. So far, there have been many smaller incidents and hacker campaigns like this in Germany federal office communicated

A comprehensive attack campaign against German targets was not evident during the reporting period. On the other hand, the situation in the cyber space of NATO partners in Ukraine was sometimes tense and sometimes critical, threatening the very existence of the company.

“Tense, dynamic, diverse”

According to Gerhard Schabhüser, vice president of BSI, the biggest threat in the cyber sector is currently the so-called “ransomware” attacks. This means cyber-attacks against companies, universities and government institutions with which The purpose is to extort a ransom. During the reporting period, there were several ransomware incidents targeting German municipalities.

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“The threat landscape in cyberspace is tense, dynamic and diverse, and therefore greater than ever before,” said BSI’s vice president. In a digitized world, the well-being of the population depends more than ever on “how well prepared we are for IT security incidents”, emphasized Schabhüser.

“Every computer system that cannot be hacked, every digital service that cannot be disrupted, is a fundamental contribution to a functioning, digitally networked society.” Germany must not back down when it comes to cyber security.

Faeser announces improvements

According to Faeser, the Federal Ministry of the Interior wants “still in this…

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