Bugdy phone! How the world champion was accused of lottery fraud

In September 2015, the world of Brazilian football was shocked. Edilson, belonging to the 2002 for the world champion team, was arrested. The reason? Lottery Scam! The tapped phone almost landed Edilson behind bars.

The striker made a total of 21 international appearances for the Selecao and was also a member of the Brazil national team in 2002. in the World Cup, who won the World Cup in the final against Germany. At club level, Edilson played under the age of 39 in the Brazilian league, Japan, Portugal and Abu Dhabi.

At least he didn’t lack self-confidence: “I have a personality and for Messi to be better than me, he also has to win the World Cup,” Edilson once said in an interview. television Bandeirantes. The former midfielder explained: “Cristiano Ronaldo is just a force. He shoots well with both feet, but I’m more skilled than him.”

“Little Devil” in the lottery scam

After his career ended in 2010, the “little devil,” as Edilson was nicknamed for his tight ball control, was largely out of the headlines until the 2015 lottery scandal.

The Brazilian prosecutor’s office has filed charges against a former national soccer player for participating in the lottery. Investigators said he used his fame to convince bank executives to work with the fraud gang. The gang produced fake lottery tickets which were canceled by the managers.

However, Edilson in 2019 was acquitted and spoke out television Guardianship about the allegations: “The suspicions arose because I answered my phone and the person on the other end tapped his phone. I got involved in this operation. I didn’t even know what it was and I had nothing to do with it.”

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Today, the 51-year-old works for a sports show on the Brazilian TV channel Rede TV and is an advertising partner for a betting company.

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